How to Search in Google from any Location, Geo Coordinates

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AWR Search Anywhere is a free Chrome extension that you can use to search in Google from anywhere in the world without VPN. It lets you quickly create Google search presets with desired locations by cities, countries, landmarks, etc. Not only that, but you can even achieve localized search accuracy by specifying the geo coordinates in terms of latitude and longitude. It is a great free tool for SEO professionals.

Basically, when you install this extension, it lets you create some Google search location settings and save them. And based on the active setting, it will redirect you to that specific Google country domain when you search anything on Google from the search page or the address bar of Google. In the Google search setting, apart from the location, you can also specify a specific Google domain, language, and device type.

Usually, to achieve what this extension does, people use VPN. But if you use this extension, you will not be needing that. As long as this extension is activated, it will show Google Search results from the location set by you. And when you want to search normally from your original location, you can simply deactivate the location setting in the extension in a click.

How to Search in Google from any Location, Geo Coordinates

How to Search in Google from any Location, Geo Coordinates?

Start by installing this extension from here. After that, you simply need to click on its toolbar icon and then create a search location. Search for a country or city and then select it.

AWR Search UI

Proceed and then specify language, device. and Google domain that you want to use for the search. After specifying these, you just save the changes.

AWR Search Set a Location

Now, you are ready to use this extension. Just make sure that it is activated, and the location rule that you have created is turned on. Make a search on Google and then you will see the search results page will be redirected to the Google domain that you have specified. For example, if you specified UK as the location for Google domain, then all your searches will be performed from

AWR Localized Result

Also, when you make a search from the address, it will redirect you as well. You can see the redirect behavior in the video below.

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful free tool to make a Google search from any location in the world. It works with most of the countries and cities that you select. However, for some countries and cities that you not see in the list, it will not work on them.

Closing thoughts:

For SEO research or for some other kind of research, if you need to change your location on Google, this is the tool you will need that. Just install it, configure it, and then perform a Google search from any location. What is the best part is that when you use this tool, you will not need a VPN. Also, I liked the fact that it even lets you choose custom Google domain as well as the search language.

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