Smash Hit: Free iPhone Game App to Smash Everything in Your Way

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Smash Hit is a free addictive game for iPhone and iPad. The game is very simple, your life is measured in terms of the number of balls you have. You earn balls or loose balls as you play along. You have to smash glasses to make your way. With graphics being a total delight and game play being awesome, this is a must have game for your phone.

The game integrates well with the game center and provides you ranks according to your score. The best part is that if you don’t have a high end iOS device and the game is not working properly on your phone, you can change the graphics quality from high to medium or low.


Game Play:

As mentioned above the graphics of this game are very beautiful. In this game you are playing as a first person. You have to hit the balls and shatter everything that is in your way to make space for you to move. You have a limited number of balls so you have to decide wisely that how much balls are required to shatter a particular obstacle which will be just enough for your escape. Also, its not only about shattering the glasses. You need to aim properly and also decide the distance from which you will hit the ball so that it hits the point you are aiming.


When you hit the blue triangular crystals, you earn three balls. Also, when you hit any obstacle, you loose ten balls. The amount of obstacles keep on increasing and the amount of blue crystals keeps on decreasing as the game gets more challenging on every step. Instead of obstacles there can also be doors which need a ball to hit on a certain button near them to open.

There is also a concept of power ups in the game. You can shoot two balls at a time with one. With the other type, for a limited amount of time you get to shoot multiple balls. You can create a havoc if you use this power up efficiently. Also, the obstacles start moving from one point to the other, start popping right in front of you any time to make the game altogether more challenging. There are checkpoints in the game to save your progress. But, you need to have a pro account to resume from a checkpoint.


The music of the game compliments it completely. It has digital type of sound effects similar to that in Tron Legacy. The sound of hitting the glasses sounds very real. Also, the music progresses as soon as you move forward. You can also turn off the music and sound effects if you want to from the settings.

Final Verdict:


Once you get hold of this game, which is not difficult in my opinion, it becomes very addictive. I personally feel that first person games are very interesting and this game is one of that too. Also, for a mobile platform, we hardly see anything in such good graphics and occupying a limited storage on your device. I will give this game 4.5/5. The half mark is deducted for the scope of improvement alone.

You can get Smash Hit for iPhone free from here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or later
Free/Paid: Free

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