Jelly Splash Free Puzzle Game for iPhone

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Jelly Splash is a free puzzle game for iPhone. If you have played Candy Crush Saga and the likes, then you will relate to this game very well. The game is based on the same format of matching same colored jelly to wipe them off the board. But, the new feature in this game which I liked a lot is you can match jelly in any direction not just horizontal or vertical. You can connect jellies upwards, downwards, sideways, diagonally. You can create a complete zig zag shape to connect the jellies. This is a bonus feature of this game, as you can now connect more jellies and score higher.

As in all the other games, you move to the next level only when you clear the previous one. Below is a screenshot of the Jelly Splash game board.

jelly splash board layout

You move on from level to level collecting stars and coins. The coins will help you buy extra moves if you run out of them. You get 5 lives to start with. Each failed attempt to clear a level takes away one life. You have the option of connecting your Facebook account with this game. This way you can see if your friends are playing the same game and you can then compete with them. Also, your friends come in handy when you run out of lives.

The settings option in the game lets you to turn music and sound FX on or off, or you can even adjust the volume using the slider given. You also have the option to turn notifications on or off. There is also a FAQ section, which will help you out with the rules and how to’s of the game. The settings page can be seen in the screenshot below.

jelly splash settings

Each new level in the game also offers you power boosters like super jellys which will wipe out entire row or column from the board. See the screenshot below which shows super jellys boost unlocked.

jelly splash super jelly booster


Each level will also present you with a goal to achieve. For example, at the start of a level you will be asked to reach a particular score, or you will be asked to clear all the grey slime present on the board. These objectives have to be fulfilled within a number of moves. If you run out of moves before reaching the goal, then you lose the game. You also have the option of buying more moves using coins you have collected. If you do not have sufficient coins, then you can also buy coins using actual, real money. That is if you are such a fan of the game that you would want to spend real money on it. The below screenshot shows you the layout of the levels of the game, top of the page shows the number of coins you have and lives you have left.

jelly splash level view

Jelly Splash is a fun game and you will love it for the cute little jellies. If you liked playing Candy Crush Saga then you will also love playing this game. Specially because there is no restriction of connecting only vertically or horizontally. Connect same colored jellies in any direction you want. This helps you in making a long train of same colored jellies, which in turn means high score for you.

Get Jelly Splash for iPhone free from here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 6.0 or later
Free/Paid: Free

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