Fast Web Browser for iPhone with Full Screen Multi Tab Browsing

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Fast Web Browser is a free internet browser for iPhone with support for tabbed browsing. Apart from this the app also offers free themes to make the browser look nice. It has a intelligent URL Parser (IUP) which can open websites based on keywords. Like typing keywords as BBC, CNN, Paypal, etc. will take you to their respective websites. On launching the browser, you will see a neat layout with address bar and Google search boxes at the top next to each other. The browser also supports multiple tabs in the same window, so you will notice a plus sign at the right hand side of the screen to add more tabs.

Though the first thing you would notice after installing this browser is the prominent ad below the address bar. Of course, it is a free app, so you would expect ads accompanied with it. But, the location of this one bothers me a lot, because it is just below the address bar. I found it very distracting. The screenshot below shows the interface of the browser, the theme in the below screenshot has been changed and is not the default theme of the app.

fast web browser homepage

You will notice three icons at the bottom of the page, the first icon from the right will show you all the open websites in a tiled layout. The next icon with two arrows is for making the browser go to full screen mode. The third icon contains various options as shown below.

fast web browser options

You can add bookmarks from here, email any website link, print a page, change browser themes, clear cache data, clear cookies, etc. The bookmarks you add can be accessed from the bookmarks icon present on the left hand side of the address bar on top of the page. You can also add your bookmarks to the cloud and access them from anywhere and any device using

Clicking in the Google search box will open up a history page with all the searches you have conducted using Google. The search page also has an “paste & search” option, which will take last copied data from clipboard and paste it in the Google search box.

The Fast Browser also, lets you input keywords instead of typing in the full address of the website. For example, you can just type aa for American Airlines website. You can do similar keyword input for many such popular websites. The browser uses intelligent URL Parser (IUP) to open websites based on keywords.

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Key features of Fast Web Browser for iPhone:

  • Supports tabbed browsing.
  • Free themes.
  • Open websites based on keywords.
  • Full screen browsing mode.
  • Easy bookmarking of websites.
  • Can show all opened tabs in a tiled layout.
  • Zoom in and out on pages.

As far as the fast part is concerned I found it as fast as the Safari browser. Not much difference in speed, but I did enjoy the tabbed browsing that Fast Browser provides. The themes and full screen modes are a plus too. You can go ahead and give this browser a try. See if you like it as much as I did.

Get Fast Web Browser for iPhone free from here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or later
Free/Paid: Free

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