5 Best Free iPhone Apps to Customize Status Bar

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Here is a list of 5 best free iPhone apps to customize status bar. These apps help you personalize the appearance of your status bar, home screen, and lock screen. Some of them also let you customize the apps dock at the bottom of your home screen. If you’re bored of seeing the default status bar in your iPhone, then my friend use these apps to make your status bar stunning.

Technically, they don’t let you do any modification with the status bar. It means you can create a design as wallpaper and save it to your camera roll. When you set those wallpapers, the design will get auto adjusted with the status bar.

Status Bars:

status bars

Status Bars is one of the best iPhone apps to customize status bar. It comes with stunning status bar backgrounds and a collection of beautiful wallpapers for both lock and home screens. Simply select a status bar background from dozens of them, and it will get auto adjusted with your network dots and battery icon. The only catch is that in order to get a perfect and stunning status bar, you have to set “Perspective Zoom” off while setting bar backgrounds and wallpapers. You can also find and use tons of high-quality wallpapers for your home screen and lock screen.

It also has the options to capture a photo using the built-in camera or import photos from your camera roll to set a wallpaper. At first, it will ask you to choose a wallpaper for home & lock screen, then select network dots design and battery icon design. The designs will be saved into your camera roll such that after setting them as your wallpaper, the status bar will appear as you have designed it.

Paint Bar with Wallpaper:

paint bar

It is another amazing iPhone app  to customize and give your status bar a stunning look. It offers different status bar background named, blur, bukeh, gradient, solid, and texture. You can completely customize the opacity of bar background in order to adjust it with your wallpaper. It lets you choose various colors for the network dots and battery icon. But the best part of this app is that you can personalize the background of apps dock at the bottom of the home screen.

The working of “Paint Bar with Wallpaper” is pretty simple. It lets you create a design for the status bar, apps dock, along with the wallpaper. The design will be saved in your camera roll. Set the design as your wallpaper, and the looks of your apps dock and the status bar will change into something beautiful. Technically, it doesn’t change your status bar or apps dock, but instead places graphics in front of the original one.

Pimp My Status Bar:

pimp my staus bar

It lets you easily customize the status bar for both home and lock screen. Getting bored of the usual status bar in your iPhone. If yes, then use this amazing app to customize your status bar and make it look stunning. It offers more than 1000+ designs and over 20 different status bar categories. Not only that, it also comes with 1000+ astonishing wallpapers and various categories for backgrounds.

You can completely personalize your status bar by adding bar backgrounds and wallpapers. It also provides options for adding effects, colors, blurs, and much more. All you have to do is select a wallpaper, status bar design, and save the design into your camera roll. Set the design as your wallpaper and the graphics will be auto adjusted behind the status bar.

Color Status Bars:

color status bars

It is another simple app for iPhone to personalize the status bar design. Using this app, you can change the appearance of your status bar and make it look beautiful. You can customize your home and lock screen with different styles and effects. Along with the bar background, you can change the network dots color, and battery icon color. No limit for using colors.

Color Status Bars lets you apply overlays for your status bar to your wallpapers. Select a wallpaper or photo from your camera roll, and proceed to design the status bar. Choose status bar type from dozens of them and save it to the camera roll.

Pimp Status Bar:

pimp status bar

Pimp Status Bar lets you easily personalize your status bar style and color. The working of this app is similar to all the above apps which we have already discussed. Simply select a photo from camera roll to make it your wallpaper. You can push or slide on the screen to adjust the wallpaper. After that, it lets you choose the status bar design from dozens of built-in designs.

It also lets you change the battery icon color, bar background color, and the network dots color. The best part of this app is that along with customizing the status bar, you can also do the same with the apps dock at the bottom of the screen. No color limit is there for battery icon, network dots, and bar background.

My Final Verdict:

Personally, I like all of the above apps to customize status bar of my phone. But, my favorite one is “Paint Bar with Wallpaper” as it also allows you to customize the apps dock. Give them a try and make your status bar look great.

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