7 Free Websites to Write Simple Resignation Letter

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This article covers websites which help you write simple resignation letters. These websites can be helpful if you are not a articulate person and can’t think of what to write in your resignation letter. While writing a resignation letter you have to keep so many things in mind that it should sound professional, simple, clear, and not offend anyone. So we researched some websites which help you write a simple resignation letter.

Let’s see the websites to write a simple resignation letter below.

Fire Your Boss

Fire Your Boss is a free website which lets you create customized resignation letters. You can enter your details on the home page of the website as shown in the screenshot above. Then click on the generate button to get a simple resignation letter with all your details filled in. In case you do not like the generated letter you can click on the re-generate button given on the top right side. This re-generate button will shown you a different letter each time it is clicked. You will also see a copy button on the top right side, which will copy the text of the resignation letter to the clipboard. Now you can paste this text anywhere you need, either in a doc file or in an email. The website says customized resignation letter as it will show you letters with filled in information and not just sample templates.

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Template.net is a website that provides lots of templates for all kinds of letters. They have a dedicated section for resignation letters as well. The resignation letter templates are listed on one page one after the other. Each template will have a download button under it. You will also find a short description of the template given below it. You can see how each template looks through the preview given on the page. This can also be seen in the screenshot above. The downloaded template is in PDF format. So you would need to extract text from it to make any changes to the letter. Most of the letters have content in them, and you need to change the basic information in it only.

The Balance

The Balance is a another website which offers you sample resignation letters to help you out. In this website you will have the text of the resignation letter given on the website under different headings like resignation letter to take a print or resignation letter to email. In both the cases the format of the letter will change. You would be required to copy and paste the text in the required application. You can edit the copied text and make the necessary changes in it. Once you are done making the changes you can go ahead take a print out or send the letter by email.


ResumeGenius is a website with a altogether different name. Yes this is a website which helps you build a professional resume. But the website also has some good samples of resignation letters in it. The resignation letters are listed out under different headings like 2 week notice resignations letter, email format resignation letter, professional 2 week notice resignation letter, simple resignation letter, etc. All these resignation letters have a small description accompanied with them along with a preview of the letter itself. Below the letter preview is a download button which lets you download the letter in MS Word format. After downloading the letter you can easily make changes to it, as it is in docx format. You would only need to change the part or text highlighted in yellow color.


TopFormTemplates provides you lots of templates for different kinds of letters. They have a dedicated section for simple resignation letters as well. A sample resignation letter can be seen in the screenshot above. The templates on this website follow a simple strategy, they have to be simple, positive, polite, short, and to the point. You can go through the various sample templates given with their previews on the page. Each template has two options under it, as can be seen in the screenshot above. You can download the template in doc format or PDF format. Just choose the format you want and download it. You can make necessary changes after downloading the template.


CareerFaqs provides you sample resignation templates under lots of different categories. The screenshot above shows you some categories you can look under. Just choose a category you want to look under and then under that category also you will see lots of templates. Click on the one which meets your requirements and the sample letter will open up in a full screen view. Go through the sample and see if that is something you want. If yes, then you have two options given on the right side which are send it in doc format or send it in PDF format. Choose the format and provide your email address and the sample resignation letter template will be emailed to you.

Sample Resignation Letters

Sample Resignation Letters is a website with lots of samples to write a simple resignation letter. As you can see the entire website is dedicated to the art of writing a resignation letter hence, the name. The sample letters on this website are listed on the page under names like sample 1, sample 2, etc. You can simply go ahead and copy the text from the website page and paste it in a Word doc or your email. Once pasted you can make the necessary changes to it.


These are 7 websites where you can find help for writing simple resignation letters. So if you are thinking of quitting your job and need help with writing a resignation letter, then these websites would be of great help. Try them out and let me know which one you liked the best.

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