5 Best Online Ideal Weight Calculator Websites

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Want to know what should be your ideal weight according to your age, height, and gender? These best Ideal Weight Calculator Websites will help you to do so. You just need to enter your height, gender, and age and carry out the calculation. What’s more? Some of these tools also let you enter your current weight and tell you how much excess weight you are carrying.

To carry out the calculations, some of these tools use various methods. The calculated ideal weight is displayed for all the methods. You can carry out the calculations in US, Metric, and other unit systems. Let us checkout these ideal weight calculator websites one at a time and see what they have to offer.

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Here Are The Best Ideal Weight Calculator Websites:

Calculator.net: Ideal Weight Calculator

This calculator from Calculator.net lets you calculate ideal weight by entering age, gender, and height. You can select the measurement unit system according to your choice. After entering the values, hit the Calculate button. You will be able to view ideal weights according to different methods. One of the methods show healthy BMI weight range for entered data.

There is no means available on this website to share or save the output.

Checkout this tool here.

BMI Calculator: Ideal Weight Calculator

This Ideal Weight Calculator from BMI Calculator website is almost same as the above one. It calculates ideal body weight based on height and gender. You can use Metric or Imperial units for calculation. It also calculates ideal weight using different methods. You can choose to view the output for all methods, or just go with one. It also displays ideal BMI range for given input.

Give this tool a try here.

Calculators.org: Ideal Weight Calculator

This calculator from Calculators.org is a bit different from the above two. Here, you need to enter your current weight along with gender, and height. This calculates and shows your ideal body weight in lb(pounds). Along with that, you also get to view the overshoot percentage from ideal body weight.

That’s pretty much you can do with this calculator. There are no options to share or save the output.

You can checkout this ideal weight calculator here.

Active: Ideal Weight Calculator

This Ideal Weight Calculator from the website named Active is a rather simple one. It only takes your height as input to calculate ideal weight. It not specifies an ideal weight, but gives an ideal weight range. The output weight range is displayed in pounds. The website says that this calculator is ideal for healthy, non-pregnant adults above 19 years.

Apart from calculating ideal weight, you can also use it to calculate body fat, BMI, BMR, Heart Rate, etc.

Check this tool out here.

Healthy Eater: Ideal Body Weight Calculator

This Ideal Body Weight Calculator is again a different one, as compared to above 4 tools. It not only takes into account your gender and height, but also asks for your body frame size. Based on the input, it calculates and shows ideal weight range in pounds and kgs. You can select body frame size from Small, Medium, or Large options, based on the build of your body.

Checkout this calculator here.

Wrap Up

There were some of the best ideal weight calculators that are different from each other in terms of input as well as output. If you know about any other tool that is different from these, let us know in comments.

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