5 Free Websites to Play Mahjong Game Online

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to play Mahjong game online. All these websites are free to use and let you play Mahjong games with no registration required. There are also different modes available. Mahjong is one of the oldest Chinese games which is also played in South Korea, Japan, and many other countries. It is similar to Western countries card game Rummy which requires skill, strategy, calculation and a little bit of luck.

I have covered Mahjong Games for iPhone earlier but for those who don’t have an iPhone, here you can check the websites to play Mahjong game online. So let’s get started.

1. 247 Mahjong:

247 Mahjong

247 Mahjong is the first website in the list to play Mahjong game online. The website includes 26 modes of Mahjong game with one click option to switch between them. All the modes are addictive to play and offer different and unique challenge and difficulty level. There is a timer which keeps ticking as long as you are playing the game which means you have to try to complete game in least possible time. The game lets you pause it, undo moves, and take a hint. At the bottom of the page, you can also refer to instructions to know how the game is played.

2. Free Mahjong:

Free Mahjong

Free Mahjong is the website which explains what is Mahjong and how it is played on its homepage. If you are a newbie, then you can refer to it to get familiar with the game. Once you know the rules, click on Play For Free Here text to start the game. The game lets you check rules and moves anytime with one click. You can also choose to restart the game. The one unique feature of this website is that it supports full-screen mode. So you can enjoy your Mahjong game even on full screen.

3. Mahjongg by Yahoo! Games:

Mahjongg by Yahoo Games

Mahjongg is the game provided by Yahoo! Games. The game has two modes for you to choose: Classic and Simple. When you start any game, it shows instructions to you. The game starts with 10000 points and 10 points gets reduced with each second passed. Your aim is to complete the game in least possible time so that you can end with maximum points. You have the options to restart the game whenever you want and even look for the hints.

4. Mahjongg Garden:

Mahjongg Garden

Mahjongg Garden is the game which is offered by AARP and it maintains a leader board. You can choose to submit your score to the leaderboard either at the end of the game or anytime during the game. As for the gameplay, the website lets you choose from Front and Perspective View. You can restart the game whenever you want. You have to register with the website before you can start submitting scores.

5. Mahjonged:


Mahajonged is the website which has different types of Mahjong game with each of them having different modes and levels to keep you engaged. You have to play each type of Mahjong to enjoy the individual modes and levels. The thing which is common in all of them is guaranteed enjoyment. Even one of the modes lets you play Mahjong with national flags of countries instead of traditional symbols.

These are the 5 free websites to play Mahjong game online which you can go to kill some time as well as check your strategy skills.

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