5 Free Websites To Draw Class Diagram Online

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This article covers 5 free websites to draw Class Diagram online. A Class Diagram represents the structure of a system by showing the relationship between its classes and their attributes along with its operations.

All the websites featured in this list are very efficient and free to use. You can easily draw a class diagram using any of these websites in a matter of minutes. Except for yUML, all these online diagramming tools support online collaboration; you can invite others to work with you on the same diagram and boost productivity.

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Here Are 5 Best Websites To Draw Class Diagram Online:


RealTimeBoard: class diagram online

RealTimeBoard is an online platform for cross-functional teams collaboration. This web application has no learning curve i.e., all tools are pretty much self-explanatory and easy to use. It has a clean material design user interface which makes the overall user experience very smooth and responsive. RealTimeBoard offers powerful collaboration tools including comments, chat, and video chat.

With RealTimeBoard, you can easily draw class diagram online. Along with all the essential tools for drawing diagrams, it offers other additional tools, such as a pen, sticky notes, comments, etc. It also lets you import image, SVG, diagram files which you can use in your design. After drawing your class diagram, you can export it as PNG, SVG, PDF file. You can export your diagram to a CSV spreadsheet as well.

Draw Class Diagram online with RealTimeBoard here.


Creately: class diagram online

Creately is a feature-packed online diagram editing tool. It requires flash player to work, so make sure you have flash player installed and enabled in your web browser. Creately has a huge template library where you can find decent templates for UML Class Diagram. Along with the diagram template library, it also features a library of shapes which offers shapes for a variety of models, networking tools, and software. Its shape library makes it possible to design any sort of class diagram here. Apart from shapes, you can add images and import Visio files in your diagram as well.

After drawing the class diagram here, you can export it as PNG, PDF and SVG file. Creately has a publishing tool which generates a public shareable URL to your diagram. You can also generate HTML code to embed an interactive version of your diagram on a web page.

Give Creately a try here.


Draw.io: class diagram online

Draw.io is a powerful diagram editor where you can easily draw Class Diagram online. The process of drawing a class diagram is very simple; just click a shape you want to use and drag it to the editor. In the editor, you can customize that shape accordingly by changing its style, alignment, and text format. To draw a relation leg between two shapes/entities, click on a shape, then drag its arrow to another shape to add a relation between them.

Draw.io support all major cloud storage services and lets you import files from them. You can set any of the supported cloud storage as the default location to save your diagram. Along with that, it also has an option to export your work to local storage.

You can try Draw.io here.


LucidChart: class diagram online

LucidChart is another online diagram editor with professional-grade features. This editor is an efficient solution for any sort of database modeling. Full integration with G Suite makes it one of the best choices for professional work.

With its powerful and easy to use tools, you can easily draw Class Diagram hereYou can also import UML data or diagrams from various databases and software such as SQL, Visio, etc. After drawing your Class Diagram, you can export it as PNG, PDF, SVG, or HTML file. Here, you can also export your diagram to SQL for various DataBase Managment Systems.

Check it out here.


yUML: class diagram online

This web tool follows a unique approach for drawing class diagram online. Rather than using visual drawing tools, it uses UML programming to plot the class diagram. Here, you can request an image for your diagram using a GET or a PUT command. After plotting the diagram, you can tweak the size and direction of your diagram manually. You can save your diagram on your yUML account and generate permalinks to share it with others.

Draw Class Diagram online with yUML here.

Wrapping Up

All these websites to draw class diagram online are very efficient and easy to use. Each one has its own set of features which help you easily draw class diagrams. Give them all a try and share your experience with us in the comments below.

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