5 Free Feedback Board Creator Websites

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In this post, I have mentioned some best free feedback board creator websites. With these, you can create and share feedback for general users to report bugs, suggestions, or any other details. People can leave feedback on the board and upvote already existing feedback by others. You can turn those feedback into a roadmap to make things easier. These websites let you brand your board by adding a logo and support notifications as well.

Feedback is an important part of projects now. With feedback, you can know potential as well encountered bugs in your products and servcies. Also, feedback help you get the public opinion on how to improve or add a new feature. And you can do that with the feedback board maker tools I have mentioned here. All you have to do is create a free account and then create the board to share publically.

Free Feedback Board Creator Websites

5 Free Feedback Board Creator Websites


Featurebase Feedback Board

Featurebase is one of the best free feedback board creator tool you can use. Here it offers you a decent free plan that can be enough for you if you have a small product or you are an individual user. The feedback board that it creates supports voting and shows a roadmap as well. The voting feature is anonymous here but for posting feedback, an account will be required. There is no limit on number of feedback, and you can brand the feedback board with your company’s name and logo.

Featurebase is a good choice for designers and developers in my opinion. The feedback comment or text can be customized and formatted, and it supports image uploads as well. You can fully control the submissions to the board by removing them, changing their status on roadmap, and disabling further comments.

Just sign up for a free account on the Featurebase website and then start using it. Specify the organization details in the beginning and then it will host your board on a subdomain. You can share the public board link with others and wait till you start receiving the feedback. Once you have them, you can check them out in the admin section. They are arranged by votes and based on the priority, you can assign a status.

Anthony’s Feedback App

Anthony Feedback APP

Anthony’s Feedback App is basically self-hosted feedback solutions for products and servcies. Here it lets you create a beautiful board that you can use to manage feedback about your projects or products. The feedback board that it lets you create is public and you can host that on your own domain. But to post feedback, a free account is required. Since it is a self-hosted feedback board, so users can leave unlimited feedback and comments.

The feedback that other users eave here can be grouped with the help of tags. It supports voting feature so most votes feedback will be displayed first. You can post feedback with categories and then there is a roadmap creator which is like a kanban board where you can change the status of any entry.

The entire source code is available on GitHub and you can use that to host it. You can host it on Vercel in a click. Just fork the GitHub repo and then simply deploy it in Vercel. After that, you can use it and share the link of the public board with anyone. Once you start receiving feedback, you can change their status and then place them on the right position in the roadmap. There is an online hosted version of this, feedback can be tried here. But for complete control, host your own instance.



Shipright is yet another free feedback board creator in my list that you can use. Here this is like other tools I have mentioned before, but the free plan is only meant for individual users. You can either use it for personal projects, or you can simply share the board publically to let other Shipright users leave feedback. You can change the status of those feedback and show a roadmap on the board.

Other users can see the existing feature requests or bug reports left by others. Also, they vote the features and this help you identify which features or feedback to consider first. It even lets you control how the suggestions listed on the board are shown to others. That is why if you want then you can mark some feedback private so that it will be visible to you only.

You can sign up for a free account on the main website of Shipright above. After that, you can start using it right away. Configure the feedback board by adding your branding. Enter your organization name and it will host the feedback board on that subdomain. However, custom domain is not available in the free plan. Publish your board and then people can start leaving feedback and votes. After receiving them, you can change their status and even remove them if you want to.


Mural Feedback Grid

Mural is basically a visual collaboration platform that generally offers you a whiteboard. But the board that it offers comes with variety of formats that it called templates. One of the templates that it has is called “Feedback Grid”. You can make use of this template to create a kind of feedback board for users.

The feedback template that it offers basically has a graph that has four quadrants. Each quadrant is meant for placing the feedback note. In the template, you can just drag or copy a sticker from the parking lot and drop it to one of the four quadrants. The quadrants can be named for bugs, features, etc.

You can sign up for the free version of the Mural from above. After that, from the templates find the feedback grid and then customize it to fit your needs. You can share the feedback with others with some instructions. However, here you will not be able to convert the board to roadmap nor it has voting feature. But for a simple feedback board, this is a good option.


Kampsite Feedback Creator

Kampsite is the last free feedback board maker in my list that you can use. It is a very straightforward tool you can use to gather and analyze feedback about your products and servcies. You can create 1 board in the free plan and it can have 30 feedback at max at any given time. You can change their status and create a roadmap. People can leave feedback on the board and vote for their favorite features as well. Not only that, but they can also leave comments that you can read.

The feedback board that you create using Kampsite can receive anonymous suggestions. You can brand the feedback page to your liking, but you cannot host the board on the custom domain. It supports Slack integration so, you can opt to get notifications for new feedback on Slack directly. Other than that, you can also opt to get email notifications and for newly posted comments as well.

Create a free account on the main website and then create and customize your board. You can give it your company’s name and upload a logo as well. There are some other settings related to look and feel that you can tweak. Get the link to the board and then share it with others. People can start leaving feedback and comments and you will get the notifications. The voting system will allow you to filter which feedback to give priority. From your side, you can change the status of the feedback and the same will reflect on the roadmap.

Final thoughts:

These are the best free feedback board creator websites that I could find. Use any of them to create a board where you can opt to receive feedback about product and servcies. You can receive feature requests as well bug reports that you will have to fix. I have included a self-hosted feedback board that you can host or run locally. Personally, I will recommend you to use Featurebase, Shipright, and Anthony’s Feedback App. But others are useful as well and you may give them a try too.

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