Do I Have Eating Disorder? Find Out With These 5 Eating Disorder Test Websites

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Eating Disorder is very common these days; millions of people suffer from it. It is important for anyone who is suffering from Eating Disorder to get it treated. Have you ever asked yourself the question “Do I have eating disorder” because of your eating habits? If yes, you cannot miss out taking an Eating Disorder Test.

An Eating disorder test asks you several questions about your eating habits and if eating affects your day to day life in a negative way. Based on your responses, these eating disorder screening tests tell if you might be suffering with the disorder.

If you want to take a test for eating disorder, checkout these online tests mentioned below. These tests are different from each other, and you can try multiple tests to screen if you have eating disorder.

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Here Are The Best Eating Disorder Test Websites:

Eating Disorder Quiz

Eating Disorder Quiz from CasaPalmera is an online eating disorder test that asks you 22 questions related to the disorder. These questions are mostly related to food eating habits and how you emotionally react under certain circumstances that are related to food. You can select appropriate options which vary according to questions. You get a score as a result. Along with score, the website also tells if you are suffering from eating disorder. The score key is available as you scroll down the result page along with suggestions for the score ranges.

Give it a try here.

Online Self Assessment

Online Self Assessment is another test for eating disorders from The Center for Eating Disorders. It asks you 10 questions which you need to answer as Yes or No. The first 3 questions ask some information about you. The screening test tells if you are showing signs of eating disorder or if you may or may not have a eating disorder. Further, it also provides resources which suggest you about treating the disorder along with a support number.

Give it a try here.

Eating Disorders Screening Tool

Eating Disorders Screening Tool from National Eating Disorder Association is a pretty comprehensive self assessment test for eating disorder. It asks you more than 20 questions about your eating habits along with some questions asking about your weight, age, gender, height, ethnicity, etc. The screening result tells what may be your current status and tells a bit about what maybe your problem in a paragraph. It also provides a helpline number.

Take this test here.


EATING DISORDER SCREENING from Mental Health America has a set of 16 questions to determine if you have eating disorder. The pattern of questions asked here a little similar to the questions asked in above test for eating disorder. However, there are just 16 questions here for you to answer. You can also answer some optional questions if you want which they ask after completing the test. The result screen shows if you have the disorder or not, or if you are at risk. This is followed by a couple of suggestions according to your result.

Give it a try here.

Eating Disorder Quiz and Evaluation

Eating Disorder Quiz and Evaluation from Mirasol is another extensive test with 37 questions related to eating disorder. You can answer these questions in Yes or No. When you have answered all the questions, you will have to enter you name and email Id to get the report in your inbox. The report tells if you are suffering from the disorder or not. You will also get some suggestions about what to do next.

The test is available here.

Closing Words

These tools are perfect to check if you have eating disorder. Although these tools are not totally accurate, but will give you a rough idea about your condition.

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