5 Free Slot Games for Facebook that are not to be Missed

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This article lists 5 free Slot games for Facebook. Now slot games are something which everyone enjoys, as they give you a feeling of winning money. If you can’t go to Vegas and play slots for real, then these games might be the next best thing. Slot machines you generally see in a casino has a lever or button to push after you insert coins. Similarly, these game apps offer quite the same environment. You have a similar looking spin screen and you will have a button to push to spin the slots. You also bet virtual coins before pushing the spin button.

There are lot of these slot games available in Facebook to play. Let’s look at these 5 free slot games for Facebook which are quite fun to play.


Slotomania is a free slot game app for Facebook. When you start this game you will be guided through the initial few steps to help you understand the game. You get some free coins to start the game with. You have only one game unlocked at the starting of the game. Other games are unlocked as you level up and keep going further in the game. The game that you start with will take you to your slot machine, which can be seen in the screenshot above.

You will see some images on the slot machine, now to see how to bet, check out the pay table icon at the bottom of the page. It will explain in detail how you win in the game and how the payout works. There a total of 9 lines you can bet on. The winning combinations can be checked out from the pay table icon. At the bottom of the game window you can also see the number of line you want to bet on box, the amount of bet you can place, which is 5 coins maximum in this game.

The spin button will spin all the icons on the screen. If any of the matches are successful then you will see it on your screen through a line drawn over the matching icons. On the left side of the screen you can see you current ranking in the game. At top of the screen you can also check out the number of coins you have in your account. So keep spinning and keep winning.

Jackpot Party Casino Slots

Jackpot Party Casino Slots is a fun slot game for Facebook. The game definitely has lovely graphics and background sound. Start the game and you will be shown a few games out of which only the first one is unlocked. Start with the first game and you will be taken to your slot machine as shown in the screenshot above. Here you have to spin the slots and get winning combinations to make money.

The bottom bar of the game screen is what we are looking at, here you see the maximum lines you can bet on are 50 in number. Next to it is the total bet box, where you can increase or decrease the amount mentioned. The next box will show you your total win amount. The auto spin button let’s you set the slots to spin automatically. The spin button is for you to spin the slots manually every time. The top left of the screen will show you the total virtual money you have available for betting. The lobby button at the bottom takes you back to the home screen where there are other games available to play. You can also check out the current level you are on at the top of the screen.

Caesars Slots

Caesars Slots is a another fun slots game for Facebook. The graphics and background sound of this app is pretty good. On the home screen of the game, start with the only unlocked game. This game will bring you to the game screen shown in the screenshot above. The app will offer you to go through a tutorial for 2500 coins. You can go through the tutorial if you are new to the game, otherwise you can skip it.

Again all the betting options are given at the bottom of the screen. The number of lines you want to bet on, the amount that you want to bet to start with. Set auto spin if you do not want to manually spin the slot. Otherwise use the spin button. Above the spin option is the win amount box, which displays how much you won in each spin. Pay table will show you the rules of the game and how much you win on which combinations, etc. The top of the screen will show you the amount of virtual money you have and the current level you are at.

DoubleDown Casino – Vegas Slots

DoubleDown Casino – Vegas Slots is a fun game app for Facebook. The home screen of the game app offers a lot of of games which can be played apart from slots like poker being one of them. Click on the slots game and you will be asked to choose between classic game mode or a tournament. Choose the one you want to play. The game will start and a screen like the one shown in the screenshot above will come in front of you. In the classic game style there are a lot of popular games which are listed and you can start with anyone you like. You can start with playing a single game or participate in a tournament.

Once you choose a game and click on it, it will open up in your window and look like the screenshot given above. The top of the game screen will show you the number of chips you have which you can use to bet in the game and the current level you are at. Below this you will be shown the current top players in the game. On your game screen you have to get some combinations to win, so go ahead and click the green spin button at the bottom to start spinning. The amount of money you win will be displayed in the bottom center of the screen. Left side bottom shows the amount that you are betting in this spin. You can increase or decrease this amount. You can also set the game to auto spin, so you don’t have to spin it again and again.

myVegas Slots – Free Casino

myVegas Slots – Free Casino is a free slot game for Facebook with a nice theme. When you start the game you will get a home screen with few options on it. You can start with any of the unlocked games. When you start a game you will get a screen like the one shown in the screenshot above. In this game you can bet on different number of lines. At the bottom of the game screen you will be able to see the number of lines to bet on, and the amount of bet you want to place. You can either set the game to auto spin using the same button or spin the screen yourself by clicking the play button. The bet max button will let you bet the maximum amount allowed in the game.

Start spinning and you can keep a eye on the number of chips you have at the top of the game window. You can also check out the level you are at from the top of the screen where you are shown a progress bar of your current level.

These are the 5 most popular slot games for Facebook which you would enjoy playing. All the slot games are good, but if I have to choose one I would go with Caesars Slots, just because the graphics and background music of the app appeal to me. I liked the game app a lot. So go ahead and give the games a try to see which ones you like.

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