Free System Backup and Restore Software: Aomei Backupper

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Aomei Backupper is a free tool for creating back up of your system and data. Aomei is a windows application which with one click ensures that all your important data is backed up and the security of the data is not compromised. It is easy to install and works with minimum system configuration, without affecting system performance. Two types of installation files are available to choose from. A 19 MB version that supports Windows 7, 8 and server, and 60 MB version that supports all old Windows operating system. Check out the screenshot below.

Aomei lets you create backup of Disk and Partition of system and lets you make disk images or create backup of your system’s hard disk. It is useful not only while taking backup, but while restoring that data and while creating Clone for data transfer.


It is extremely easy to create backup. Click on the backup tab of the software, where you will have to select whether you want to create Disk, System or Partition backup.


To explain the same, I selected backup of partition. Here, you would need to select Source and Destination path, and you can start the backup. The complete process may take some time depending upon the partition or disk size. To restore a backed up file image, you would need to browse to the file and then click on Restore.


The Clone option present in Aomei is also a cool option which lets you clone complete Disk or any partition, see the above screenshot. To make Clone of a Partition, you would first need to select Source Partition and then destination Partition. This way a clone of Source Disk/ Partition will be created in Destination Partition/ Disk. It is a very easy way to copy data from one system to another. You can copy data from your system to any external hard disk

Aomei provides some setting options as well, which are:

  1. Compression: None, Normal, High. With high compression means less data size and No compression means more data size.
  2. Splitting: How do you want to split large data into smaller files?
  3. Intelligent Sector: You can select if you want to create backup of only those sectors which are in use or all the unused sectors as well.
  4. VSS: use VSS backup technique by Microsoft.

Key Features of Aomei Backupper

  • It will let you create complete system backup with one simple click.
  • You can create backup of your system’s hard drive, USB drives, External hard disks or any data storage device.
  • This tool lets you create backup of a partition of your system hard disk.
  • Aomei lets you schedule the backups. This way it will automatically create backup and you wont have to intervene every time to create backup.
  • Restores system data.
  • Restores drive partition or any particular file for which you have created backup.
  • It lets you clone hard disk which is useful while copying data from one hard drive to another.
  • Similarly, it lets you create partition’s clone for exact data transfer.
  • It enables you to keep a password for every backup or restore, to keep a tab on its security.
  • Free to download and easy to use tool with intuitive user interface.
  • Utilities tool like Check image, Create bootable media, Explore Image are available.

Overall Review

Aomei Backupper is a nice easy to use tool to create backups and restore. It is a must have tool and an extremely useful for everyone, as it lets you create an easy backup/ restore and clone disk drives or partitions. It is freely available for all Windows Operating system. Get Aomei Backupper from this link.

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