Protect Browsers By Removing Suspicious Add-ons, Toolbars

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ZHPCleaner is a free software to protect browsers from hackers by removing suspicious add-ons, toolbars, and other harmful items that can be a threat to the security of browsers installed on your PC. The software does a thorough scan of PC which includes Home, Drivers, System, and Local Storage components of File Explorer, registry entries of browsers, Firewall rules, global startup shortcuts, scanning of services, and much more. In short, it scans almost every single item to find the loophole(s) and remove them from PC.

Although the software performs deep scanning and is built for some really serious purpose, yet it is too easy to use. Just two clicks are needed to scan and clean PC from harmful items.

ZHPCleaner- interface with scanning process

Above you can see the interface of this software with scanning process in progress. Where other browser cleaners focus on cleaning browsing history, deleting bad add-ons, etc., this software performs scanning on a very large scale and find suspicious items that you can clean easily.

Protect Browsers from Hackers By Cleaning Suspicious Add-ons, Toolbars, and PC:

Download this software (here is the link) and run it. The software is portable and you only have to accept the agreement.

It has a simple interface where only three main buttons are there: Scanner, Repair, and Report.

Use the Scanner button and it will start the system scan. Before you start the scan, it is good to close all the browsers. Otherwise, it will prompt you in between the scanning process for closing the browsers. During the scanning process, it will scan the whole system and will try to find all the suspicious items.

start the scanning

When the files are detected as suspicious, you can press the Repair button. It will open a window to help you check the files, folder(s), and key that are detected as suspicious. You can confirm if you trust those items or you should get rid of them. You can use Validate or Repair button to take the action.

validate or repair suspicious files

As you see, it is really easy to scan and delete suspicious items. However, the software doesn’t help you decide if suspicious files are really dangerous.

When you have cleaned the files, you can also generate the Report. The report is generated as TXT file which contains the scanning details.

The Verdict:

You must have also faced that situation when after installing a software, it has installed some harmful toolbar which is too difficult to remove. Such toolbars and add-ons can be a serious threat and direct way for hackers to do the damage. Therefore, software like ZHPCleaner can be handy to help you protect your browsers. The deep scanning and cleaning process is very simple.

Get this software.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 8 Average: 2.8]
Works With: Windows
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