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Roochat is a free online chat service that lets you have private and instant chat with your friends or colleagues. It’s basically a free, browser-based chat room creator that allows you to have instant messaging chat in a quick and easy manner. It is very much Private and Instant! Private in the sense that it saves nothing; the moment you close it, you are completely out of Roochat and no data is saved on its server. And instant since it doesn’t require downloading or installing anything on your PC. Just open your browser, go to and start chatting right away! Just create a room, share links with your friends, and they can join instantly, and all of you can have a quick, private chat.

This free online chat service doesn’t require any registration, which saves you from the long process of signing up or login. Joining a room is way too easy as compared with other Chatting Apps. Despite of being so simple and basic, it serves great when you need to have an instant private chat with your friends or colleagues.

Interface of Roochat Online Private Chat Room:

roohchat interface

The app’s interface is very simple in design. Only the stuff which is necessary for chatting has got place on the interface. At the top, there’s a bar containing options to “change name”, ”create room”, and “join room”. The right corner displays the room name and chat name. At the bottom, there’s a text box containing your chat image on the left, and one “Send” button. You’ll be typing your messages in this text box. All your chat is shown at the center.

How To Use Roochat:

By default you’ll be logged in as “Guest” and the room will be ”Lobby”. You can change the name to whatever you desire by clicking on the “change name” button. A new window will popup; type-in the desired name and click on “change name” button. If you choose to write some special names like ‘Barak Obama’ or ‘Einstein’, then you’ll have that person’s image as your chat image.

roohchat change name

To create a new chat room click on “Create room” option. Next, you’ll be asked to write the room’s name. Type the name and click on “create room” button.

roohchat create room1

To join an existing room, click on “Join room” button. Then type the room’s name and click on “Join room” button. You can also join a room by entering “” in the address bar of your browser.

Note: If the room doesn’t exists, Roochat will automatically create it through the “join room” option.

roohchat join room1

Now once you have created the chat room or joined an existing one, you can right away start the chat. Just type-in the message in the text box and click on “Send” or hit “Enter” key. You can also insert a smiley “:)”, if you want. Besides that, you can change your chatting image by typing “#image roll” command, or show or hide the time when a message was sent by typing “#show time” or “#hide time” commands respectively.

Note: the commands are without quotes.


Key Features of this Free Online Chat Service:

  • Free online chat service for IM chat.
  • No need to signup/login.
  • No need to download/install anything.
  • Provides big time privacy, that is once you close the chat browser no one will know what you have chatted about.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Completely free.
  • Fast.

Things which are Missing:

  • No Options to attach images and videos. For that, you can use a service like Join.Me.
  • Doesn’t save chat history. Even if you are joined a new room and you go back to the previous room, the entire chat history will be lost.
  • Only one smiley is available.
  • No short cut keys to send canned responses.
  • Doesn’t show available rooms list. Even when you try to join a room, you will have to know the room’s name in advance.
  • No voice chat or video chat option.

Final Verdict:

Roochat is really an interesting, “one of it’s kind” web chat application, since unlike other chatting apps such as “Yahoo! Chat”, “Google Talk”, “Skype”, “Nimbuzz” etc., it doesn’t saves chat history; whatever you type gets lost the moment you close the chatting browser. No one will know what you’ve written. This makes sending personal instant messages safe and secure. You can get connected with friends instantly and convey your messages on a second’s click. Although there are some features  missing, but still it’s a great medium to chat. If you want privacy with simplicity, Roochat is a must try app.

Click here to try Roochat.

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