5 Free Crossword Puzzle Games On Facebook

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Here is the list of 5 free Crossword Puzzles on Facebook. These Crossword games are dissimilar with respect to uniqueness of the puzzles that each has. You can also invite your friends for a challenge and can find an online opponent. Moreover, daily tournament is part of some of these free Crossword Puzzles on Facebook.

In this list, theme of all the Crossword Puzzles is very different. Like, first one is based on Celebrity and Movies, second one involves Jumble or Scramble Word game, third one is purely based on Facts, Information, Vocabulary, etc. Fourth one is based on Trivia for guiding you through TOEFL. And last one is based on Picture Logic. Let us quickly explore these out-of-the-box, yet free Crossword Puzzles on Facebook.

Daily Celebrity Crossword

Daily Celebrity Crossword

As you start ‘Daily Celebrity Crossword,’ you have 3 coins. With each puzzle successfully solved, you earn 1 coin. However, when you go for ‘Reveal Word,’ you lose 1 coin. Here, two things are interesting to note. First one is ‘10 Letters,’ which randomly places ten letters on the crossword board. And ‘See Wrong’ lets you to know the wrong words which you have filled. Remember that ‘10 Letters’ costs you 1 coin and ‘See Wrong’ costs you 2 coins.

There are various Crossword puzzle themes and particular ‘Theme’ tells that majority of Crossword puzzles will be based on it. Like, recent movies on the day of Movie Monday. These themes are: Sunday Funday, Movie Monday, TV Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Top 40 Thursday, Sports Fan Friday, and Smartypants Saturday.

Weekly Tournament is the key feature here. Real-time top performers are shown and at end of week, and top three names are announced on Leaderboard.

Further, you can add trophies to your achievements, such as Expert, Nerd, Ninja, A-Lister, Encyclopedia, Bed Time Solver, Beach Solver, etc.


Wordosaur Crossword Puzzle

Wordosaur is a two player game and is played turn-by-turn. Either you can compete with online players or by inviting your friends. Its uniqueness is the combination of the Jumble Word Game and Crossword Puzzles. Each player on their turn is provided with a jumbled word. So, form a word to place it on the Crossword board. Do note that you can place the word only in a single row or column. And that too crossing or including with at least one, or more letters which are already present on the Crossword board.

There is no hint/clues of puzzles provided to you. Instead, you have to use a jumbled word for forming a word and to place it on the Crossword board.

There is no time-limit and thus you can come back to the game even after one day. You can see all your active games by clicking ‘My Active Games’ (Home Icon).

Further, you will see that jumbled letters have suffix (number). Addition of all these numbers gives the maximum points that you can earn. However, you can maximize points by leveraging the cells which are occupied by 2W, 3W, 2L, 3L etc. ‘W’ stands for word and ‘L’ stands for letter. When any of the jumbled letter falls on the cell (2L OR 3L), the suffix (number) of a letter gets multiplied with the prefix (number) of that cell. Thus, M5 placed on 2L gives you 10 points. Similarly, if the word placed has included the cell (2W OR 3W), then maximum points are doubled or tripled.


  • Proper nouns are regarded as invalid word.
  • Direction of placing valid words is from top to bottom and from left to right.
  • If you form a valid word from all the letters provided, then you get a bonus of 50 points.

Daily Crossword

Daily Crossword Puzzles on Facebook

Daily Crossword is strictly a single player Crossword Puzzle game on Facebook. Its puzzles are quite interestingly derived from facts, information, vocabulary, etc. And thus helps you to gain knowledge while playing.

It is a time-based game starting from zero and your aim is to earn most points you can. You are provided with clues (Across and Down) to fill the Crossword board. Moreover, you get bonus clues if you don’t go for ‘more clues’. Clues can be accessed by clicking ‘Solve Letter,’ or ‘Solve Word’. Thus, if you go for more clues, you lose bonus clue.

The best part is that as soon as you move out from the game (without finishing game), your Daily Crossword is paused automatically. Faster you solve, more points you earn. Daily Crossword is primarily for fans of classic Crossword Puzzles.

TOEFL Crossword Puzzle

TOEFL Crossword

TOEFL Crossword Puzzle for Facebook is based on facts of 10 countries. You are provided with clues, which can be found below the Crossword board. These clues are based on the facts or information of a country that you select. So, you can say that you are being provided with Trivia Quiz of the selected country that is in the form of Crossword Puzzle.

In this game, you have to finish Crossword Puzzle in least time possible. At end of the week, fastest time record will be announced on Leaderboard. It is strictly a single player game. No competition, except your own-self. At end of game, you can share your ‘time‘ on Facebook.


  • There are no points to be scored. All you have to do is complete the Puzzle in minimum time.
  • When you click ‘Confirm Word,’ 20 seconds are added to your final finishing-time. And 60 seconds, when you click ‘Reveal Word’.
  • Correct answer automatically gets into Green color and wrong one in Red color.
  • Based on my testing, I found that when you finish a puzzle play it again, Quiz remains the same.

Super Japanese Crossword

Japanese Crossword Nonogram

Super Japanese Crossword is a Black and White Picture Logic Puzzle game. It is also known as Nonogram.

In this puzzle game, you have to create a meaningful picture by filling the blocks with Black color. Picture can be any daily use thing, an alphabet, a symbol, a pattern, etc., but meaningful. On the top and left side of the main grid, you are provided with numbers. A particular number (at start of the row or column) is the maximum number of cells that you can fill with Black color.

You will find here 30 levels with 10*10, 15*15, and 20*20 grids. In addition, there is no time-limit here. And your aim is not to score points, but to bring out a picture by solving a picture logic.

For an average person, Japanese Crossword is one of the popular and free Crossword Puzzles on Facebook to relax the mind. But for computer/electronic geeks, this helps to get deep into time complexity of an algorithm.

Final Words

Although you can find many free Crossword puzzles on Facebook other than these 5 free Crossword Puzzles, they follow same-old kind of puzzles. In contrast, above list of free Crossword Puzzles on Facebook are disparately innovative in their respective puzzles. Choose wisely!

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