Free Software to List all Event Log Providers available on Windows

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EventLogProvidersView is a free software to list all event log providers available on Windows. It scans for all the software, services, and modules, constantly writing to Windows Even logs and shows some extra details about them. This software can be used to detect a suspicious process or program that is silently writing logs to Windows.

For each provider that it finds on a Windows PC, it displays information such as its Name, Message File 1, Message File 2, Resource File, Parameter File, Help Link, Company, Product Name, File Description, etc. You can see all this data every time you run this software. The data that it shows about the event log providers can be exported to an HTML file as well.

The software generates a long list of applications that you can analyze. There isĀ  a search tool that you can use to find a specific application. For now, this software is one of the Nirsoft’s pre-release tools and is in development. So, if you encounter some issues while using it, then it is a known behavior.

Event Logs Providers on Windows

Free Software to List all Event Log Providers available on Windows

You can download this software from here. It comes in a password-protected ZIP file, and the password is: SoftNirPre987@. Till this software is in development stage, it will come in secure ZIP but once it is in stable state, it will have a separate webpage just like rest of the tools by Nirsoft.

Now, you just open the software and it will take some time to scan all the applications and services. Once done, it will show you the list of all applications and libraries writing to the event Windows logs. All the programs that it shows here are the event log providers.

EventLogsProviderView main

Double click on any entry to see more details about a particular provider. This is as simple as that. And if you want, then you can also export this list with all the details in HTML format. Just select all the entries and then it will show you option to export the files from the Edit menu. This is as simple as that.

EventLogsProviderView in action

So, if you want to see all the providers for the Windows event logs, then this software will help you. You can use it for forensic purposes as well and the process is very simple. However, the software is still in development and lags sometimes when loading the list of apps and services using the event log.

Final thoughts:

If you want to see list of all event log provides on Windows 10 and Windows 11 then EventLogProvidersView is a very good option that you can use. Just download the software and run it to see all the applications and programs writing to the even logs with their correct paths. Best part is that you can export the list and send it to an expert to have a look.

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