Aximion 3D Desktop: Add 3D Effect to your Desktop

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We recently reviewed few software that can add 3D effect to your desktop, like BumpTop, and T3Desk. Aximion is another software which gives your windows a 3D experience and you can access different applications in any way you like on your windows where they would appear in 3 dimensions and you can easily move them the way yo like.This is a new project  which gives your windows a 3D interface and moreover, replaces it with your boring old windows.

Bored of the same desktop which has been there for years. Sick of opening up different applications and windows to access them. Well now you won’t need to do that with this new 3D experience on your desktop.You will surely feel at ease as it feels just like your own desk where you can arrange all your things as per your style.
This software is truly amazing and you can easily arrange your applications and interact with them as you did with your previous 2D windows. It replaces your 2D GUI windows  interface with an amazingly new 3D one. This is a 3 dimensional interface where you can easily move your applications and place them where ever you want to.
The main feature of this 3D environment is its display of themes. They are displayed as 3D-wallpapers and moreover, can be designed by other modeling softwares like maya or 3D studio max.
This is a very efficient way which will surely increase your productivity and focus towards an efficient management of things and is a recommended software for all of you. Here is a brief overview of Aximion Dektop
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