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Update: This product has been acquired by Google, and is no longer available for free download.

BumpTop is a free application for your PC which is like a mini desk on your desktop. Its a fun desktop which replaces your boring desktop and gives you a 3D experience. Earlier I had reviewed Fences, and thought this was the most wonderful thing to organize your desktop better. But BumpTop is really more futuristic, and unlike anything I have ever seen  before.

BumpTop  replaces all your rigid folders by larger icons which can be customized as per your style.You can make your documents bigger  and stick the important ones on your pc as well.This will keep you more focussed and organized.

You can open up different files by just opening it in a grid and flipping through them as though they were pages.There’s an inbuilt photo viewer and you can watch your photos like a slideshow in an instant. Moreover, you can share your photos by just tossing them at the facebook icon and it is automatically updated there. The same goes for twitter and other sites as well.

Now you won’t need to open a different window to search for items and waste your time, you can just type in keywords and you’l get the result you want. For Example-If you type ‘fox’,you’ll get Firefox or other results related to it.

BumpTop also cleans up your desktop.You can just select the chunk and throw them into a pile.You can even select items by drawing circles around them.


  • You can create piles and find what you are looking for, its exactly like you organize your things at your desk and piles are lightweight and lets you know what’s inside them
  • Suit your mood by changing the themes as it offers different amazing themes
  • You can visually connect with your desktop which gives you a real feel
  • You can pin up or stick important files or notes
  • It makes you more productive and organized

Try this fun and amazing application which gives you a real life experience right from your desktop. Its flexible and you can customize your files and folders the way you want to.This is a 3D experience and you can organize it anyway by just dragging items. Now make your pc a fun space rather than giving it a dejected look. Also check out this article to have Mac style toolbar on your Windows PC.

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Works With: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
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