Free Word Game by BetaFactory to Test and Improve your English Vocabulary

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Word Game is a fun vocabulary game developed by the BetaFactory to test and improve your English language vocabulary. Word game enthusiasts love playing different kinds of word games. This game is another addition to that list. The game interface is quite easy. The website does ask you to create an account and login so the progress you make can be saved.

Vocabulary word games are always a lot of fun to play. Let’s look at this word game below.

When you open this website you will see a screen like the one shown in the screenshot above. The link to the website can be found at the end of this article. The word game can be seen on the home page of the website right on the top. As soon as you open the website you will see a definition on your screen with 4 word choices given below.

Read the definition and choose the correct word from the given 4 words. When you mark a word it will turn green in color and a validate button will appear at the bottom of the window. Click the validate button to check if the answer you have chosen is right or not. This can be seen in the screenshot above.

If the answer is right the screen will show you that you have answered correctly and will give you synonyms, similar words, etc. of the word. In case you are wrong then you will be shown the right answer and its synonyms. To go to the next word click on the new challenge button.

When you sign up to the website, so you can save your progress, you will be asked for your phone number. A OTP will be sent to your phone to validate the number. Once you do that, you are logged into the website.

If you want you can edit your profile and settings by adding your name, bio, etc. The profile section also contains a graph of your progress over the days. The graph marks your overall progress and keeps in mind your weak spots.

The top of your profile page shows the expert category you belong to and the number of words you have learned so far.


Word Game is a decent game where you can test out your vocabulary as well as improve upon it. Keep on trying new words and see how many of them you are able to answer. The ones you answer wrong are asked again after a few questions. Just to make sure that you are learning the new words as well. So if you like playing word games, then try out this word game.

Check out Word Game here.

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