Website to Check If your Phone Will Work in Another Country

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When traveling outside the country, the first question which comes to our mind is will my phone work there? Because it is so important to stay connected these days, be it for business, work or family. Even when you are planning a vacation, this is the first question everyone in the family will ask “will my phone work where we are going?” It is so important for everyone to stay in touch with their friends, work, etc. So how do you answer this question, not to worry as Will My Phone Work is here to help.

Will My Phone Work is a website which lets you check if your phone will work in another country when traveling. So what this website does is, it lets you choose your mobile device, the country which you are traveling to and lets you know if your mobile will be working there.

willmyphonework home

As you can see from the above screenshot, the website tells me that my mobile devices 2G and 3G networks would work in UK under the chosen service provider.

Let’s look at this process from the start. When you first land on the website, you will be asked to choose the brand of your mobile device from a drop down list like Apple, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, TMobile, Siemens, Nokia, etc. After choosing brand you need to choose the phone model from the drop down list. Then choose a sub model.

willmyphonework form filling

In case you don’t know the model number then click on the button opposite the drop down menu which says “need help finding your device model”. This will open up another page in new tab which will help you in identifying your device model. The devices are categorized under Android, Apple, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows phones. There is a YouTube video under each category to help you easily identify your device model name or number.

willmyphonework phone identification

Once that is done, then choose a country to check if your phone will work there or not. Then choose the service provider or the carrier and click on the search button. As soon as you click on the search button the results will be displayed right below.

willmyphonework results

The results will display three networks 2G, 3G and 4G. A check mark under each of them means your phone is compatible on that network and will work. A red cross mark means your device is not compatible on that network and won’t work. There are some frequencies also mentioned under compatible networks, which are frankly for tech savvy people to understand. All I want to know is if my phone will work or not.

In case you are traveling to the United States for a long duration you can try out these free services to get a free US number.

It’s pretty simple to use and find out whether your phone will work in a particular country or not. So next time you are traveling abroad and people or family ask you this question “will your phone be working”, you know where to find the answer. Just check on this website and you will have the appropriate answer to this question.

Check out Will My Phone Work here.

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