Online Tool that Suggests Research Articles by Analyzing your Paper

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JSTOR Analyzer is a free online tool that suggests research articles by analyzing your paper. It takes an existing paper (maybe half-finished ) from you and generates the research article’s recommendation list. Basically, it analyzes your specified paper’s text and generates list of main terms using some intelligent algorithms. And based on the extracted terms, it shows you the list of articles. The list of terms that it extracts can be changed if you think it contains some irrelevant words. The articles that it shows can be paid, free and free for only online reading. You can select any article then carry on with your research or do whatever you want.

If you are working on a paper and stuck in the middle of it then you can get suggestion based on whatever you were writing. This tool, JSTOR Analyzer is quite intelligent in identifying topics. You just have to paste the text on its interface and then you can see the generated prioritized terms from the input text. After that, you can remove some of them from there to refine the result and see the relevant articles on other side. You can read the articles and download some of them if allowed.

JSTOR Analyzer online tool that suggests reserach articles

Using this Online Tool that Suggests Research Articles by Analyzing your Paper:

JSTOR Analyzer can be used without registration. But to read the articles online, you will need an account. Just upload a file from your PC to specify text directly to get the research articles. You can also save the articles to your account in case you want to read them later.

Simply go to the homepage of JSTOR Analyzer and then specify the text. Or, you can also upload a file from your PC. After that, wait for it to generate the prioritized terms from the text. You can see the screenshot below where I specified a Physics paper and it extracted the prioritized terms.

Text Analyzer specify paper's text

If you want to remove some prioritized terms then you can simply skip them. And based on the prioritized terms, it will generate the list of articles on the right side that you can analyze. You can select any article from the list and then do whatever you like. Mostly the articles are paid but some of them can be used for free for online reading only.

JSTOR Analyzer results

In this way, you can use this free online tool to quickly get research articles based on your paper. And you can use this tool in the same way every time you need it.

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Final words

JSTOR Analyzer is a very nice tool that you can use to quickly get research articles based on your paper. And you can do that in a few seconds with the help of this tool. Just submit your paper fully or partially and quickly get the list of suggested research articles. Simple as that.

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