Online Tool To Award Badges To Students For Their Achievements

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classbadges is a free online tool that helps to award badges to students for their different learning experiences. Badges are provided by teachers to their class students. Whether there is some quiz competition or any other academic goal achieved by students, you can create and assign badges. You need to register yourself as a teacher. After this, you can add badges, create classes, and add students to those classes.

For each student, you can add login details as well. Students can sign in to their classbadges account using the unique username and password assigned by their teacher. After this, they can view badges earned by them. They can also download the badge (in PDF) and can share badge link on social accounts. But only those people (say students) can view badge who have an account on classbadges.

create and award badges to students

In above screenshot, you could see badges created by me.

It’s a good idea to motivate students. But unfortunately, there is no proof if badges are really earned by students or the badges are given by teachers

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How To Create and Award Badges To Students?

As a teacher, you need to register to classbadges by creating a free account. Your name, school name, password, etc. details are required for this. As soon as you have created the account, you will come to your account to add classes and students.


Create Classes and Add Students:

Use Manage Classes section to add a class. For adding a class, simply click on ‘+‘ button, give name for class, and add it. To add students, use available button. While adding a student, you could enter class, name, username, password, and email (optional). Username and password are the most essential fields.

create class and add students

Manually adding students could be time-consuming, so you can even upload a student roster saved on your PC as CSV file. A sample CSV file of student roster is also provided to you. You can download that file, can add details of students, and upload it. However, if that file is used, then user IDs are randomly generated. You need to edit those details later.

Add Badges and Award Those Badges To Students:

Access Badges section on your account and tap on Add Badge button. Now you will be able to add badge title, text (what this badge is about), and badge art. Badge art can be an image available on your PC or you can use Stock Badge Art. While creating a badge, you can also set class for a badge. Once you have done this, you can save your badge.

add a badge

In the same way, you can add more and more badges.

Now its time to award badges to students. For doing so, simply select a badge and click on Award Badge button. After this, you will be able to select classes and students to which you want to assign that particular badge. Once you have selected recipients, tap on same Award Badge button.

select badge to award

Award will be stored to recipients accounts. You can give students their unique username and password. So that they can login to their account and view the earned badges.

Other Features:

  • Any badge, class, and student detail can be edited, whenever needed.
  • Organisation badges can also be added and awarded by you. But for this, you will be required exact badge name, organisation name, city, and country for that organisation. Organisation Badges section is used for this.
  • Each student can view his/her awarded badges, can share the link to social accounts. More in this, a PDF file of earned badge(s) can also be downloaded to PC.
    share badge
  • Badges can also be added to your Mozilla Backpack account.


For teachers, classbadges is a nice way to keep track of achievements of students. Each badge can be an indicator of goal achieved by students. For students, it could be a motivational tool as they would know that they will be awarded with a handsome badge, if goal is achieved.

Try classbadges free.

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