Get Wallpapers Matching Screen Resolution From Bing Images

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Bing Images is a free Bing service which  automatically shows wallpapers matching your screen resolution for computers and mobile phones. Bing images is one of the most popular and widely used image search engine across the world which includes an option for automatic custom search of wallpapers according to the device screen resolution.

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When you enter your search term in the search bar of Bing images, you will come across first set of images for your search. Select the “size” option in the left side of the screen and click “wallpaper” option for getting the wallpapers which match your screen resolution. Bing Images basically filters the results and shows those wallpapers which can easily fit into your display. I was not fully satisfied with the results shown by Bing images, because it was also showing few big sized wallpaper in between the search result.

Use Bing images and get wallpapers compatible to your screen resolution. Its better to download wallpapers that fits your display rather than those bigger or smaller to your device screen. With the help of this free Bing service you don’t have to worry about the screen resolution.

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How To Get Wallpapers Matching Screen Resolution on Bing Images :

  • Open the homepage of Bing images on your web browser.
  • Enter the search term in the image search bar. Click search button.
  • You will come across first set of images related to your search term.
  • Click the Size option.
  • Click the Wallpaper option within the Size option.Bing Images 002
  • Now, you will automatically come across all those images which matches your screen resolution.

Bing Images is a good way to search for images or wallpapers you want as your desktop background. So go ahead and try it out.

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