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APEXvj is a free online music visualizer that gives you awesome visualizations based on the songs you are playing. It gives you an awesome psychedelic –like adventure that you can control yourself or let APEXvj do it for you.

This free online music visualizer is made especially for house parties, gigs and music festivals. Now all you party animals can switch from a bland environment to a lively dance floor. Just turn off the lights, connect you laptop to you flatscreen with APEXvj on and start jamming! Even if you don’t like parties, you can definitely play it on your laptop with headphones while relaxing alone on your bed. The developer also explains that watching APEXvj visualization patterns with the intertwined music will release Dopamine in your brain. Dopamine makes you happy, creative and keeps you motivated.


APEXvj provides a lot of visualization. And not just visualizations, it has lots of filters that you can put on each visualization. If we count, it has a total of 14 visualizations, 8 filters, 4 sub-filters and one color toggle. If my math is right, that makes it 896 possible combinations! Since APEXvj uses artificial intelligence to control the mood, the possibilities are further immeasurable.

APEXvj lets you only use tracks uploaded to SoundCloud. You might get disheartened if you can’t find your favorite track on SoundCloud. To fix that broken heart, APEXvj lets you visualize whatever you live feed using a microphone. So just turn on your music system and leave your microphone connected to APEXvj in front of it.

Let’s take a better look at APEXvj. You can also try out this music player where you can play and share music globally.

How to Play a Song on APEXvj

On the webpage of APEXvj, you’ll be provided with a search bar to look for your favorite songs on SoundCloud. You can also do the same with signing up with APEXvj. Signing up lets you make and save playlists, so you’re better off Signing Up with this service.


Once you search for a song and find it, you can listen to a preview by clicking the play button on the song’s ribbon. If you like it, you can add it to a playlist, playlists can be created from your APEXvj page.


To play the song on this free online music visualizer, double-click on it and you’ll be directed to the player. Before you start playing the visualizations, you can look at helpful tips to play APEXvj. Following that, you can set the quality of the video (in case you have a slow connection) and the volume. Click on initialize everything and begin to start playing the song and visualization.

How to Change Song Visualization and Effects on APEXvj

Before you start changing the visualization, you can check out the layout of the effect and option keys on the keyboard by pressing G. You can see that you have a total of 14 3D visualizations that you can change from the keys Q to H. These visualizations include flay the hand, wave tunnel, tube spiral, disco sphere, etc.

 free online music visualizer

The video filters can be found from number keys 1 to 8. These filters can change the edges, texture and color to a predefined preset. Example of these are: JJ Abrahams,stripes, multicolor, radial, etc. There are 4 sub filters too. If you hit ‘V’, it will tilt shift the video. ‘B’ will distort the video in pieces and ‘M’ and ‘N’ will generate kaleidoscope effect and depth of field respectively.

On this free online music visualizer, you can also choose to freeze the color theme of the visualizations. When you find a visualization playing with the color of your choice, press ‘S’ on your keyboard to freeze that color. You can toggle fullscreen with the ‘F’ key.   One of the most important features of APEXvj is its artificial intelligence feature. APEXvj takes control of the visualizations and the filters to generate awesome visualizations without letting you touch the keyboard. To activate this, press ‘A’ on the keyboard.

Visualize with Live Input on APEXvj free online music visualizer

To play the visualization with microphone input, first make sure your microphone is connected properly. On the main page of APEXvj, scroll down and click Visualize from Live Input. You’ll be redirected to the player where you’ll be asked to allow the use of microphone. You can now set the quality, volume of the video and start using it.

Final Words

As a music buff, I loved using APEXvj since there aren’t any music players that focus on visualizations. You will definitely enjoy playing electro music, especially dubstep. The only thing that bothered me was its inability to recognize bass drops in the songs and generating visualizations accordingly. This free online music visualizer is too awesome to ignore. I award this free online service 5 stars since it honestly had my Dopamine flowing while I was sitting in my office.

Try APEXvj here.

Know an even better alternative to APEXvj? Make sure you share it in the comments!

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 7 Average: 4.3]
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