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Here is a list of 4 free online fake newspaper maker websites. These websites let you create fake newspapers with any news of your choice. You can also add a photo to the newspaper to make the news look even more realistic. All these websites have a different set of features to offer but all of them are free to use and can be used even without any account. After making the fake newspaper of your choice, you can save and share it for free with others.

So let’s get started with them so that you can complete the article and start playing pranks on your friends quickly :-)

1. Fodey Newspaper Clipping Generator:


As the name suggests, Fodey lets you generate fake newspaper clippings with ease. For making any fake news, you have to provide the name of the newspaper, date, headline, and your story. You can choose to add anything and when you are done, click on the Generate button to get your fake newspaper clipping. If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome then make the necessary changes otherwise, click on Download Your Image option.

Besides generating fake newspaper clippings, Fodey also lets you generate fake clapper board, talking squirrels, cigarette packet, talking flowers, etc.

2. Homemade Gifts Made Easy:

Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Homemade Gifts Made Easy is the website which generates one of the most realistic looking fake newspapers. You simply have to enter the newspaper name, headline, author name, choose a photo, and the fake story. When you have entered the details, click on Make My Newspaper and the corresponding fake newspaper will get downloaded. The good thing about this fake newspaper maker is that if you choose to add short or no content as the story, then it adds a random story to your newspaper.

The website also offers a Premium newspaper generator which entitles you to following privileges: Change date, bigger photo, and add multiple articles.

3. Noob:


Noob is the third online fake newspaper make for you to try out. It is slightly different from the above ones as it doesn’t let you add custom news. You have to choose the news from the given list of 16 fake news. Apart from news headline, you can choose the name of person and location. The website also lets you add Facebook profile of the person, but it is optional. When you are ready, click on Preview option to see the preview and if it’s good, then click on Finish to save and share.

 4. Add Letters:

Add Letters

Add Letters is the second last online fake newspaper generator in this list. It lets you add only the section of the newspaper and the headline. There are no options to add a custom photo and news content. After filling both the details, you have to click on the Generate Image button and your fake newspaper is ready to download. It is one of the easiest fake newspaper generators in this list.

These are the 4 free online fake newspaper maker. Check them out to generate fake news and make fool of your friends to have some fun.

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