Free Listserv Alternative with Group Email for 1000 People: Gaggle Mail

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Gaggle Mail is a free Listserv replacement that you can use for group mailing. It offers a simple way to set up and maintain an email group. Gaggle Mail gives you a permanent @gaggle. email address that everyone in the group can use to contact everyone else. You can create as many groups you want to add members in it. Each group is assigned a unique email addresses, and only people added to a certain group can send messages.

If you are looking for a shared inbox type of tools, then Gaggle Mail is worth a shot. Just create a free account, create groups, and add your team. There is also an option to use a custom domain for your group email address, but that is in the paid plan. For free, you will get a Gaggle Mail address on which people can send emails.

Emails can be broadcast in the group or can be sent to individuals. Each user can join with his/her email and then start using the service. The email editor that it offers is intuitive and you can compose a new email in rich text format very easily. Other than this, there is a knowledge base section where you can find articles to see how to configure and use various features of Gaggle Mail.

Listserv Alternative with Group Email for 1000 People Gaggle Mail

Free Listserv Alternative with Group Email for 1000 People: Gaggle Mail

You can go ahead and then sign up for a free account for free Gaggle Mail account here. After that, you create a group there, and then it will assign an email address to that group. You can then proceed further and add people to that group. You can invite people into a Gaggle Mail group using their original email address.

gaggle Mail Create a Group

The main UI of the Gaggle Mail looks like this. Here you can see all the messages that have been sent to the group. From here, you can even compose an email that will be sent to all the members of the group. Also, do not forget that you can always create multiple email groups whenever you want to.

Send a group Mail Gaggle

You can compose an email and that will be sent to all the members of the group. People can reply to the sent email and all the conversation will stay there. But do note that it will only group the messages sent in the group. If you send an individual message, then it will be delivered to the original email address of the user.

Listserv Alternative with Group Email for 1000 People Gaggle Mail

From the Members, you can manage all the people in the current group. From here, you can invite new users and you can also pause delivery for a specific member as well. If you want, then you can also remove a user from a group as well. This is simple and you only have to keep the free limit in mind.

Gaggle Mail Members

Each group can have separate files as well. If you need some documents or spreadsheets that you and your team often needs, then you can upload them to the Files section of the group. All the files that you upload here will be visible to all the group members. They can search, filter, and download these files with ease.

Gaggle Mail Shared Files

Apart from managing group emails and files, you can customize the look of the Gaggle Mail UI for your group. For example, it lets you brand your group. By doing that, you can upload a custom logo and link to your website. And if you use the premium version, then you can also use a custom domain for your Gaggle Mail group.

gaggle Mail Branding

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful online group mailing tool. Just create a free account and then send and receive emails in a group and stay in the loop. The conversations are grouped, so you will not lose track of project  status and reports. Also, the shared files in a group will be proved to be a good feature to have same set of files among your team.

Final thoughts:

Gaggle Mail is a very good replacement for Listserv, and a very nice option for group emailing, and shared inbox. I liked the limit of free plan that is 1000 people and option to create multiple branded groups. So, if you are s small business company, then you can give this a try and let me know what you think about it. Personally, I really liked the fact that it offers you shared files section along with conversation that are threaded to keep things in one place.

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