Computer Namer: Give Cool Names to your Devices

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Have you ever thought of naming your computer? I seem to always get stuck on the name option when I’m setting up my device say for the first time. Whether its my laptop, iPad, mobile, etc. I want to give it a unique cool name. For example, I was trying to set up a hot spot from my mobile device and it asked me for a name for the hot spot. I ended up thinking for a long time and for the lack of name options I just named it Neo like Keanu Reeves in Matrix.

Then I found Computer Namer, it is a cool website which gives you random name suggestions for your device. Like the one shown in the screenshot below.

computer namer name suggestion

If you like the name you can up vote it by clicking the “I like it” button and if you don’t like it, then down vote it by clicking the “I dislike it” button. You will also see previous and next buttons on either side of the suggested name. So in case you didn’t like the suggested name, you can click on next button and see the next name suggestion. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

computer namer buttons

From the menu present at the top right side of the browser, you can check out various options. The menu is shown in the below screenshot.

computer namer menu

Like you can see top 10 best names based on most likes and top 10 worst names based on most dislikes by clicking the “Top 10” link. You can see the top 10 list in the below screenshot.

computer namer top 10

Clicking the “Browse” button will let you browse names in alphabetical order from a list. The “Suggest” option lets you make a name suggestion and submit it to the website.

computer namer submit suggestion

Apart from this on the about page you will find the website developer information and shortcut keys to browse the website.

You can also check out these free username generator websites.

A lot of times you want to think of a cool name for your devices, but nothing comes to mind. At that time you can use this website to come up with a cool name for your device. I thought it is a pretty neat website to find name suggestions for your devices. I renamed my phone to Zippy and my WiFi is now called Starscream.

Go ahead and try Computer Namer.

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