4 Free Services To Get Expert Advice Online

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Here is a list of 4 free services to get expert advice online.

If you are looking for an expert advice on something but don’t have time to meet the person, or you don’t know where to find the right person who could answer you, here are some free online sources that can help you avail expert advice on various sectors ranging from Healthcare to Technology to Business, and more. Some of these services connect you to the expert via a live chat, so that you can properly discuss issues in real time. While others offer discussing problems over email. Experts are available on prior request, or sometimes immediately. So check out the services listed below and get useful advice from experts, from around the world.

Below we have reviewed Google Helpouts, ExpertBooth.com, AllExperts.com, and FindAnExpertOnline.com. Have a look.

Google Helpouts:

Google Helpouts

Google’s new revolutionary service, Google Helpouts, is on its way to connect world’s best experts with advice-seekers from all over the world. Primarily focusing on those who find it difficult to go and personally meet an expert, the service offers a unique way to have a one-to-one video conversation between people, so that the overall discussion becomes smooth and satisfactory. Experts can set their own rates and Helpout durations.

Being Google’s own goodie, Helpouts is a trustworthy service, and Google is doing everything possible to ensure user security while talking live with a stranger online. Currently, it is offering many free Helpouts, along with the paid ones, which you can avail either instantly (if the expert is available) or on prior request. Definitely a must try.

Click here to checkout Google Helpouts.



ExpertBooth is an online service to get expert advice via live chat and email. It provides live help from skilled professionals belonging to different sectors, such as health, business, education, spirituality, etc. You can browse for a particular professional via the provided categories. If they appear online, you can right away create a free account and start a live chat, and if they are offline, you can send a request to schedule a live chat appointment. The experts would then contact you within 24 hours. While live chat provide real-time help from the expert, email assistance offers more flexibility for specific services like document reviews, assignment help, and form completion.

The service provides free help until you hire the expert. Payment is done once the session is finished. ExpertBooth ensures proper safety of your credit card details by enforcing the industry standard SSL encryption on all online transactions. Plus, there’s a dedicated dispute resolution team to help you in case you feel unsatisfied and want a refund of your amount.

You can also check user reviews/ratings, and leave your own feedback based on your chat session with the expert. I had a live text chat with one of the experts. Though I tried searching for other modes (voice or video chat) as well, I was not able to figure out whether they were available. Try on your own and see if they exists.

Click here to checkout ExpertBooth.com.



AllExperts is another free online source to get expert help. The service provide thousands of skilled professionals to help you on a wide variety of topics. You can search for your query and look for the matching results, or simply browse through the given categories (and sub-categories), and navigate to a particular subject. Once you reach the desired category, you would be able to see the list of experts available to answer your queries. A short description regarding the expert’s expertise and his/her rating is also available for your reference.

Just select the suitable expert, type in your question (using Ask a Question option), fill-in an application form, and send your request. The expert would typically contact you within 3 working days. The distinctive feature of the service is that none of the answers are paid; you would get the help completely free. But the downside is that no immediate help is available. The integrity of the experts can be measured by the ratings given by other users.

Apart from that, you can also register as an expert with the website if you have the necessary skills and help others if you want.

Click here to checkout AllExperts.com.



FindAnExpertOnline is a great online source to find the world’s top experts to answer your queries related to healthcare, technology, advertising, beauty, branding, and lot of other areas. The site basically provides a directory of experts, coaches, and consultants, and lets you access their advice through podcast, videos, articles, blog posts, upcoming webinars, seminars, and more.

Apart from that, you can also visit expert’s profile, their website, read reviews and contact information, and even mail them to personally discuss issues. Though the site doesn’t offer any direct way to connect to the expert, it still provide useful contact information for top expert from around the world and free access to their videos, podcast sessions, and articles on some general topics.

Click here to checkout FindAnExpertOnline.com.

These were some free services that provide expert help on various topics related to different sectors. Try them out and see which one suits you most. Leave your feedback in the comments section below.

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