How to Extract All WhatsApp Group Contacts at Once?

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This article covers a method to extract all WhatsApp group contacts at once. WhatsApp has increased the group participants’ limit over time since the launch. The current official limit is 256, which means you can add a total of 256 participants in a WhatsApp group. This is the official number, there are some other methods to extend the limit unofficially up to 10,00.

If you want to get a contact from a WhatsApp group, you can do that by viewing the list of participants from the group info. This is still doable for a few contacts but not won’t an ideal method if you want to get all the contacts from the group. But, there are still ways to do that within seconds, here is a one that you can use with WhatsApp Web.

How to Extract Contacts of All Participants in a WhatsApp Group?

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Extract All WhatsApp Group Contacts at Once

Whatsapp-Group-Contacts-Scraper is an open-source script that you can use to extract contacts of all participants in a WhatsApp group. This is a JavaScript that works with WhatsApp Web. To use this, open WhatsApp Web in your web browser and sign to your WhatsApp account by scanning the QR Code. Then open the WhatsApp group from which you want to extract the contacts.

On the WhatsApp group, press Ctrl+Shift+I or F12 to open Inspect. You can also do this manually from the right-click contact menu. In the Inspect, go to the Console and paste the entire script that you can find here. After that, press enter and it will prompt you to save the contact list as an CSV file.

extract all whatsapp group contacts

The CSV file shows the group name as header and has the contact details of each participant laid out in four columns. Those columns are:

  • num: This shows the number of WhatsApp group participants.
  • name: This shows the name of unregistered contacts. It shows “NO_NAME” for the contacts that are already saved on your phone.
  • img: This column contains a link to the WhatsApp profile image of the contact. You can download it manually.
  • status: This column shows the WhatsApp status of the particular contact.

Closing Words

This is how you can extract contacts of all participants of a WhatsApp group at once. The method is simple enough to follow for anyone who uses WhatsApp Web. However, it might not work with all the web browser and there is no telling for how long it’s going to keep working. Till then, this is a simple solution to scrape contacts from WhatsApp groups.

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