Free Deep Breath training app for Android and iOS for Relaxation: Breathly

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Breathly is a free deep breath training app for Android and iOS. Here it helps you practice deep breaths using various techniques that it comes with. This is a very simple mobile app you can have on your phone and use it in the morning for breathing exercise. It basically instructs you to inhale or exhale with an animation effect, and you just have to follow its lead.

It has a virtual assistant mode as well that will guide you using voice to inhale or exhale deep breaths. You can start the deep breathing session whenever you want to and this app will help you. It contains instructions for different type of breathing exercises, and you can go through them before starting the app and select which one is best for you, and then you can start practice accordingly.

There are some settings you can tweak according to your exercising capabilities, such as training time. Also, you can opt to vibrate the phone when the step changes.

Deep Breath Training app for Android and iOS for Relaxation

Free Deep Breath Training app for Android and iOS for Relaxation

Even though this app is available both iOS and Android; in this post, I will be using the iPhone app to show you how it works. You can install it from here and then simply open it up and get started right away. Just click on the play button, and then it will start your session.

Breathly getting started

When the session starts, you just do what it says. It will start with inhalation, and so you just inhale with the same speed as in the animation. When inhalation is at peak, you have to hole your breath for as long as this app says.

Breathly inhale and hold

Finally, you drop your breath and slowly exhale as it shows in the animation. Repeat the process until your session ends. Don’t take unnecessary breaks, and take this seriously.

Breathly exhale

You can do the deep breath training for as long as you want and for any number of times in a day. Apart from just practicing deep breaths, you can also opt to change certain settings in the app to fit to your needs.

Breathly settings

That’s it. This is how much simpler it is to use this simple deep breath training app. The process is same for Android, and it is open source as well, so in case you want to do into its source co to fin out how it works then you are welcome to do so.

Closing words:

If you get panic attacks or have breathing problems, then it is a good idea to exercise. And the app I have mentioned here will help you. Taking deep breaths will help you clear your mind, make you calm, and is good for the lungs as well. So, just try this app a few times in a day for a healthy mind and body.

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