Read Ghost Stories for Kids Online on these 10 Free Websites

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In this blog post, you will read ghost stories for kids online on these 10 free websites. The websites have a good collection of short and long stories. The categories of stories include Horror, Fictional, Mystery, Fables, Inspirational, etc., types of stories. You can sort your story results by age and category and read stories in the dark.

There are different types of stories which you can read online. The sites offer horror stories, ghost stories, Halloween stories, Spooky stories and so on. A few of these websites let you listen to the stories, look for the images or read a story with the picture story. It keeps your interest alive during reading.

Let’s start reading ghost stories for kids online.

1. Scary For Kids

read ghost stories online

Scary For Kids is a free website where you can read ghost stories for kids. The site is full of scary stuff. You will find scary games, scary movies, scary videos, and pictures.

To read scary stories, you can go to the Scary Stories section. If you scroll the website page, you will find several sections like horror stories, ghost stories, Halloween stories, Spooky stories and so on.

If you visit these sections, you will find more stories. The titles of ghost stories sound interesting that you would want to read all ghost stories.

2. Storyberries

read ghost stories online

Storyberries can also be used to read ghost stories for kids. On this website, you can sort story results by age, type, topic, time, and conversation.

Clicking the mentioned link, you will find Halloween stories for kids in variety. The stories include ghost, monsters, witches, black cats, etc., that raise your interest in reading stories. The interesting fact about this website is that you read stories with pictures with bold text. It makes your reading experience more fun and every kid would love to read ghost or other types of stories on this website.

3. Free Short Stories

read ghost stories online

Free Short Stories is another website where you get to read stories in variety. The site has a collection of stories which include Horror, Fictional, Mystery, Fables, Inspirational, etc., types of stories. You can find Charles Dickens’s short stories as well.

If you scroll the webpage, you will see the links of the story’s subject. Here, you can go with the Horror stories where you will see the list of story links. Clicking on the links, you can view the stories and visit the next part later. It can be a great experience for you in the dark.

4. HelloKids

read ghost stories online

HelloKids is the website where you can find fun activities for kids. There are coloring pages, crafts & activities, reading & learning and other online games.

You can search for tales, stories, jokes & riddles, and other learning content. The site has Halloween stories in variety. You can go through them too. There are stories like The Haunted Castle, Monster Plants, Tunnel of Terror, The last Halloween, etc. You can read the story quickly as it is not that long. Reading a short ghost story every day will keep your interest alive in reading.

5. Stories for Kids

read ghost stories online

Stories for Kids is the website which offers you short stories, scary stories, and bedtime stories. The site enables to search for the stories based on your age. Then, you can find interesting stories to read.

You can read the fairy or scary stories on this website. There are stories like spooky tales, Halloween stories, etc. You can get a good collection of ghost stories. It takes 2-5 minutes to read a story so it can be a good thing that you won’t bored with the reading.

6. Ghost Stories and Pictures

read ghost stories online

Ghost Stories and Pictures can also be used to search for ghost stories for kids. Once you visit the website, you will the dark page with haunting images. Here, you can get the perfect collection of stories to tell your children.

If you scroll a bit, you will get the link of horror stories. There are stories like Tragic Mother and Baby, Cries of Sorrow, The Old Woman, Taken by Evil, Blast from the Past, etc. You can click these links to read the short ghost stories.

7. Wikisource

read ghost stories online

Wikisource is one of the best sources for reading stories. You can get the perfect collection of ghost stories. There are tales of death, a book of ghosts, ghost stories of an Antiquary, etc. The stories were written by famous writers like Elizabeth Utterson, Sabine Baring-Gould.

Other ghost stories like A Man with Two Lives, The Spook House, The Wood of the Dead, and so on. The stories are quite surprising and scary to read. Here, you will find ln stories which might make you bore at times but reading the detailed content, you would understand every event occur in the story.


read ghost stories online is a unique website where you don’t find the collection of ghost stories. But you will get everything related to Gogen’s story.

Gogen was written by Jean Marie. The story is about the Lone samurai scout and how he discovered duper natural powers. It talks about the fight between evil and good. Here, you can also find detailed information about the book, the author, and read the excerpt to read the book online.

9. Real Ghost Stories Online

read ghost stories online

Real Ghost Stories Online is a free online platform to read ghost stories for kids. On this website, you can read or listen to the audios of online horror stories. It is basically the podcast version of stories. Titles like Are Hospitals Haunted, Are Demons Real, Do Ghosts like Dark, etc., raise your interest to know about the story. Listening to podcast gives you amazing feel as you’re listening to the movie’s audio.

10. Your Ghost Stories

read ghost stories online

Your Ghost Stories is another website added in the list. The site lets you read the ghost stories and the collection of haunting images.

To read the real ghost stories, you can sort the story collection by categories or countries. Or, you can simply read the stories displays on the websites. The story is not that long which is a good point. Also, you can take prints of these stories.

In brief

If you like to read ghost stories, then the above-mentioned websites will help you. The websites have a curated collection of ghost stories. You can even sort your results by age or topic and then get relevant scary stories to read in the dark. Parents can also use the websites to tell a story to their children on bedtime.

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