5 Online WebP to PDF Converter Websites Free

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In this blog post, you will read about 5 online WebP to PDF converter websites free. WebP is a new image format by Google which can be in lossy or lossless compression. If you have been looking for converting WebP format into some other format like PDF, then this blog will help you.

Here, I’m reviewing 5 free websites where you can convert WebP file into PDF. The online file converters are quite easy to use. Without any sign-ups, you can change the file formats with these online converters. You just have to upload the WebP file and target the PDF format as your output file format. Thereafter you can download the resulting PDF file on your computer/laptop.

Create animated WebP using this free website.

Without further ado, let’s start converting WebP to PDF using online converters.

1. Zamzar

Online WebP to PDF converter

Zamzar is an online WebP to PDF converter. This is a free website which supports hundreds of file formats. It converts presets as well. Though you can convert files without signing up. But if you do signup, you get the following advantages:

  • convert unlimited files daily
  • convert files larger than 2 MB
  • get more speed during conversion

In order to convert WebP to PDF, you can go to follow these ways:

  • Click on Add files and drop the WebP file. The input file also can be uploaded by the URL.
  • Choose the PDF format from the dropdown.
  • Convert, wait for the process and download the resulting PDF file.

2. Convertio

Online WebP to PDF converter

Convertio is another popular online file converter. On this website, you can convert WebP to PDF so easily. The converter supports several formats. Along with that, there are other advantages of using this file converter.

  • maximum file size with 100 MB
  • supports more than 200 file formats for documents, image, audio, video, etc.
  • lets you upload a file from local or cloud storage

To convert the WebP file into PDF, all you have to do is to:

  • Upload the WebP file in the converter.
  • Find the relevant output format, i.e., PDF.
  • Convert and download the result in PDF format.

3. CloudConvert

Online WebP to PDF converter

CloudConvert is a free online file converter where you can convert WebP to PDF as well. The converter has come up with more features such as:

  • supports more than 200 file formats
  • lets you store the output in your cloud account
  • support batch conversion

It is quite easy to convert files with this converter.

  • Click on the Select files, choose the WebP file from the local or cloud storage.
  • Select PDF as your output format.
  • Start conversion and download the PDF right afterward.

4. Aconvert.com

Online WebP to PDF converter

Aconvert.com can also be a good option to convert WebP to PDF file. On this website, you can find it quite easy to change the format from one file to another. All you have to do is follow these ways:

  • Visit the website and go to the PDF category.
  • Choose files from local storage, cloud storage or enter file URL.
  • Select PDF to convert the WebP file into PDF.
  • Hit Convert Now button and save the converted file result that appears below.

5. CoolUtils.com

Online WebP to PDF converter

CoolUtils.com is a free website to convert WebP to PDF. The online file converter is quite easy to access. Here is all you have to do:

  • Upload WebP file as your input file.
  • Secondly, fix the output format like PDF.
  • Customize output by size and rotation if required.
  • Convert and download the PDF after conversion.

In brief

The online file converters are quite impressive for the quick conversion. Without even signing up, you can get the files converted in minutes. Though after signing up you will have more benefits like file storage, unlimited conversions, etc. So try these websites and convert files in minutes.

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