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Moon is one of the most beautiful gifts that the Universe has given to Earth. The fascinating thing about Moon is that it never looks the same. Every other day, you can see it change its shape. We all know the science behind it, but have you tried to do that same on a moon phase simulator? I guess not.

Well, lets us get to know about these simple yet amazing online Lunar phase simulator websites. These tools will help you get an idea about the phases of Moon. You will get to know about the phases of Moon according to its positions. One of these simulators tells you at what phase what percentage of Moon stays illuminated. You will also get to know about the lunar cycle. A couple of these simulators let you animate moon movements to view phases at different speeds.

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Here Are The Best Online Moon Phase Simulator Websites:

Lunar Phase Simulator

Lunar Phase Simulator is an online moon phase simulator. This tool lets you simulate moon at various positions around Earth. By doing so, you will be able to see different phases of moon. You will also get to know what percentage of moon is illuminated and how many days are left for new moon.

See the moon orbiting the Earth? There, you can drag and place the Moon anywhere on its orbit. You can also rotate the Earth according to your choice. By rotating Earth, you will see the changes happen in the Horizon diagram. The horizon diagram displays whether it will be day time or night time. It also displays the positions of the Sun and the Moon with respect to horizon.

Another good feature of this Lunar Phase simulation tool is its animation. You can animate the moon movement on its orbit. You can set animation rate, or animate movement of a day, hour, or minute at a time.

Lunar Phases

Lunar Phases is a online tool to simulate moon phases. Its almost similar as the above mentioned tool, but with some differences. Here, you get a 28 day lunar calendar. For the lunar calendar, you can view the position of the Moon around Earth for a specific time. The moon phases and positions are displayed according to the position. The position rotates along with Earth as you change the time. A landscape mock up displays the position of Sun, position of Moon, and phase of Moon in the sky in day and night skies.

Its pretty simple and basic moon simulator out there. And, it helps you understand the concept of moon phases.

Phases Of The Moon

Phases Of The Moon is a Lunar Phase Simulator from CK-12, an educational simulator website. This simulator basically shows how to tell time by looking at the Moon. For this purpose, you can set a couple of parameters and view the position and phase of Moon in the sky. Here, you can set the time of day, and position of moon according to quadrant with the help of sliders. When you run the simulator, it runs a full 24 hour circle and shows Moon’s position and phase.

Note: As you visit this simulator, you will be welcomed by a small intro video about Moon phases.

Wrapping Up

These lunar phase simulator websites will wake up your curiosity about Moon and its phases. A must try for students and astronomy enthusiasts.

If you know any such other simulators or other astronomy related tools, share with us in the comments section.

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