5 Online Astrology Birth Chart Maker Websites Free

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In this article, I will cover 5 free astrology birth chart maker websites. A birth chart, also known as natal chart, is a map of the sky at a particular place on Earth. It shows the positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets at the time of a person’s birth.

With these websites, you can easily generate your birth chart in a matter of seconds. For that, you need to enter your name, birthplace, and date and time of birth. Most of these websites generate Western astrology birth chart. For the people who want a Vedic astrology birth chart, I included a website (4th, to be exact) to generate Vedic astrology birth chart. So, without further ado, let’s discuss these websites one by one.

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Here Are 5 Free Astrology Birth Chart Maker Websites:


online astro chart maker


Astro-Charts.com is a free website to generate various astrology charts and cards online. You can easily make birth chart here by mentioning your name, birthplace, date of birth and time of birth. Based on your data, it generates a western astrology birth chart. Along with the birth chart, it shows the other essential astrological information as well.

Here, you can see what were positions of all the planets at the exact time of your birth. You can also know the aspects which describe the geometric angles between the planets. In the end, it breaks up the patterns in your birth chart to make it easier to understand.

Try this online birth chart maker here.


online astrology chart maker

CoStarAstrology is a simple web application to generate free natal charts online. You can use this application to make your birth chart. It asks your date, time and place of birth along with your email address. Based on your entries, it generates your birth chart and sends it to your email address as well.

Along with the birth chart, it also shows you the planetary positions and geometric angles between the planets. It tells you in which house a particular planet was at the time of your birth. With that information, it explains the role of each planet in your personality and shows your horoscope as well.

Here is the link to make birth chart online at CoStarAstrology.


online astrology birth chart maker

Astrology.com.tr is a free website with educational astrological information accompanied by a collection of articles on astrology. It offers many astrological services such as Daily Horoscopes, Planetary Hours Calculator, Birth Chart Calculator, Lunar Return Chart Calculator, etc. You can easily make birth chart here by entering your date and time of birth along with the birthplace. It generates a western astrology birth chart which you can download as a JPG file. Just below the chart, it shows a planetary positions table, a house positions table, and an aspects chart that shows the geometric angles between the planets at the time of your birth.

Generate birth chart online at Astrology.com.tr here.


vedic birth chart maker

Barishh.com is a free website to generate Indian Vedic birth chart online. It requires your name, sex, birthplace, and time and date of birth to generate your Vedic birth chart. Once you fill up that information, it generates three astrology charts; an Ascendant Chart, a Navmansha Chart and a Transit Chart. Besides these charts, it also shows the positions of the planets at the time of your birth along with your other astrological information like your ascendant, birth star, sun sign, etc.

Try this online birth chart maker website here.


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Alabe.com is another free website to make birth chart online. You can generate your western astrology birth chart by entering your name, birthplace, and date and time of birth. If your birthplace is not listed in the database, you can enter the geographic coordinates of that place here. After you fill up all these information, it generates your birth chart accompanied by a symbol reference table to help you read it. Below that, it lists all the planets along with their respective positions and geographic angles and explains in which way a particular planet affects your life.

Give this online birth chart maker a try here.

Wrap Up

These online astrology birth chart maker websites are absolutely free and easy to use. Each of these gives you more or less same information along with the birth chart. Give them all a try and share your experience with us.

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