Merge Videos Online With These 5 Free Websites

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This article covers 5 free websites to merge videos online. These websites come in handy when you have short video clips and want to join them together in a single video. Apart from online videos joiner, most of these websites also have editing tools which you can use to tweak your videos and customize them accordingly.

The advantage of using online video merger is that you can use it on any device that has an internet connection, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.

And, if you are also looking for video splitter, you can use this Free Video Splitter to Cut Video into Multiple Videos of Different Duration. Also, check out these 5 Video Joiner Software For Windows 10 to merge videos offline on your Windows machine.

Here Are 5 Free Websites To Merge Videos Online:


Aconvert is an extensional site of a popular website. You can easily merge videos online with Aconvert. To do so, go to ‘Video‘ Section and check ‘Merge‘ at the top. This takes you to their ‘Merge Video Online‘ tool where you can upload videos from your local storage or import from the internet by entering URLs of video files.

Aconvert: merge videos online

With Aconvert, you can merge up to 6 videos with a size limit of 24 MB each. The process of merging videos is unique here. It takes one video at a time and shows it in the output results. As you upload the next video, it merges that with the previous one and shows the merged video in the results. The same process is carried out for all 6 videos.

This unique process of merging videos has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that if somehow you uploaded a video that you did not intend to merge, you can cross that out and start from the previous step. And, the disadvantage is that you have to upload each video individually.

After merging the last video, click on the download icon to get the download link to your final video. Aconvert also gives you options to directly save your video to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Aconvert does not offer any sort of editing feature, it is just a simple and easy online video joiner. And, the process of merging videos is pretty fast here.

Merge Videos Online with Aconvert here.


Kizoa is an online movie maker with editing tools and templates. You can join videos online with its ‘Make Movie‘ tool. When you select ‘Make Movie‘, you get two options; one is ‘Create a movie using templates‘ and another is ‘Create a movie from scratch‘. For better and customized video merging, select ‘Create a movie from scratch‘.

After that, upload your videos to the Kizoa online editor, then drag them to the timeline and set in the desired order. You can also customize your video by adding Transitions, Effects, Text, Animations, Music, etc. and play it online to see the results.

Kizoa: join videos online

Then, you can download your final video to your local storage, but to do so, you have to sign in or create an account. You can post your video on Facebook from here and can also email a link to others after saving it to your Kizoa account. The process of merging videos is fast but it does takes some time to optimize the videos while uploading.

There is no video files or size limit mentioned here; I uploaded more than 20 videos and it merged them without any issue.

Join Videos Online with Kizoa here.

Video Toolbox

Video Toolbox is a free online video editor. To merge videos online in this editor, you have to create an account first. As a free user, you can keep up to 1500 MB of video files in your ‘Video Toolbox’s File Manager‘, plus you can store up to 3000 MB of other data in your ‘Recently Output Files‘. The ‘File Manager‘ storage has a validity of 1 month and the ‘Recently Output Files‘ storage has a validity of 24 hours. And, if you cross the 3000 MB limit, it will start overwriting your previous files, so do keep that in mind.

Video Toolbox: online video merger

To join videos online, go to the ‘Main Menu‘, select ‘File Manager‘ and upload your videos there. It takes one video file at a time. You can upload video from your local storage or can import via URL. Then, mark the videos you want to merge together and select ‘Merge Files‘ in the action drop-down menu.

In the next step, it asks to your drag your videos on the timeline in the desired order. After doing that, select the output video format and resolution, and click ‘Merge‘. After a few minutes of processing (depending on your video size), it gives you a link to download the final video.

Merge Videos Online with Video Toolbox here.

Movie Maker Online

Movie Maker Online is another free online video editor that does not require an account to work with. To join videos online with Movie Maker Online, all you have to do is upload your videos and click ‘Make‘. It also has lots of video editing options and tools if you want to use them. You can also change the order of your videos after uploading.

Movie Maker Online: online videos joiner

Depending on your file size, it takes some time to process the final video. Then, it gives you a download link along with other links to upload your video to social media. You can also generate HTML code to embed your video on a website or blog, and to do that, you have to create an account first.

During my testing period, it did show error while merging files, but after some time it worked just fine. In that case, try merging the files again later. The good thing is that it does keep your files in the editor for around 24 hours even if you are not signed in (based on your IP address). So, when you will come again, all your files will already be there.

Merge Videos Online with Movie Maker Online here.


Cellsea offers free multimedia content along with few online multimedia tools. You can use its ‘Free Online Video Editor‘ to merge videos online. To do so, upload your videos here. You can set a specific screen size by selecting a device from the list, or leave it as it is to have the same parameters as your input files in your final video.

Cellsea: merge videos

After uploading videos, it opens your videos in an online editor. Go to ‘Join Videos’ section and customize the setting accordingly.

Note: Sometimes the Cellsea Video Editor freezes on the loading screen. In that case, try it in a different web browser or in incognito mode.

Join Videos Online with Cellsea here.

Final Verdict

All these websites to merge videos online are easy to use. Aconvert and Movie Maker Online are simple and fast to join videos online. Apart from being fast, Kizoa, Video Toolbox, and Cellsea offer editing tools to customize your video.

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