Android Journal App to Store Your Memory with Images, Location

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The blog post covers Android journal app to store your memory with images and location. Happyfeed is a free app which you can easily find on your Google Playstore. The role of this app is to store the three best moments each day. The app helps you to look back and cherish all your favorite moments.

The major role of making your memories special is the images. The best feature about this app is that you can add a picture or location with your memory so that when you look for the past years memories you feel happy looking at those pictures.

It is just like a perfect Android journal app where you don’t need to share or post any stories in your social media profiles. You can enter your happy day, add photos (not mandatory) and save it. You can also shake your phone to find random memories of the past.

store your memories with images

Android Journal App to Store Your Memory with Images, Location

If you want to keep every single memory with you and cherish those moments in the future then this app will help you. Because you can store not just the text story but also pictures and locations. And this can make you feel happier looking back at past happy days.

So to get started, the very first thing you will do is to download the app named Happyfeed. This is an Android journal app which you can easily find from the Google Playstore.

After installing it on your Android device, you need to create your account. By entering your name, email, and password. You will be logged in and then you are free to add happy moments.

type your day and add images

At this point, you can write a happy note that how you spent your entire day or what special happened with you today. You can enter 240 characters maximum. If you want to capture the image then you can tap on the Camera icon and click the photo. You can also add the existing photo from your phone gallery, then save it.

Similarly, you can add two more memories. If you want to look back then you can tap on the icon which appears in the mid-bottom. And then find all the pretty happy days in a row.

The most interesting day is a Happiness Jar. You will see this jar icon on the top right in the Moments page. By tapping on the icon, you can shake your phone to find a random memory among all the happy moments.

Apart from storing memories, the app notifies you with daily reminders, fun facts, and healthy habits. You get these notifications only if you enable these options.

In brief

I really like Happyfeed app. This is a perfect private journal app where you can store all your happy days. The features like adding three best moments in your journal with images make it a more interesting app. Also, use a budget jar to find random memory, and notifications of daily reminders, fun facts, and healthy habits. Get this app and store unlimited memories.

Try this app to store your memories.

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