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Flashnote is a free notes taking software which helps you to make and manage quick notes in a very simple way. This software manages all your rough notes like for example contact details, important website links, grocery list, to do activities, and more. Flashnote automatically pastes data when you copy and open new note. You have the options like file, edit, notes, format, insert, tools, and help on the main screen of Flashnote.

You will feel good while using this free notes taking software as it’s better than regular notepad present there on your system. You can also make notes within another notes called child notes. Flashnote offers good number of features which makes your life a bit easier.

More about Flashnote:

Flashnote is a simple downloadable application, where you can write notes regarding several important or unimportant aspects or just whatever you feel like writing. With keyboard shortcuts you can easily open and close your notes. Lets say if you copy a URL link and open new note then automatically Flashnote pastes that URL in new note before you paste it. Flashnote automatically saves your file with date and time.

Free Notes Taking Software

Features of Flashnote Free Notes Taking Software:

  • Simple, colorful, transparent, and portable software.
  • You can add a child note to parent note with just one click on icon.
  • It will also save files immediately when you leave the page or close the window.
  • Flashnote manages your notes especially when you are in hurry to enter something somewhere.
  • You don’t have to enter some name to save the file as it automatically allots you one as shown in the above image.
  • Help is another tab where you will find information about application, you can check updates, visit homepage, subscribe for news letters and more.
  • Database lets you utilize backup, synchronize, or export notes options.
  • Alt+S will maximize the application and ESC will close the Flashnote window.
  • You can change hot key, location where you want to save backup, filter important files, and more from options tab from main menu.
  • Add new note, add a child note, move up, move down, rename note, delete note, and ‘open in browser’ are the options provided in the main page toolbar.
  • You can automatically make backup files up to a month.
  • You can load data from files of your system.
  • You can also change font, background color, and more as shown in the below screenshot.
  • Global find, find, find next, replace, cut, copy, and paste are the options available in the edit tab.


All in all, Flashnote manages all your quick notes effectively. Also, it specifies at what time you have saved in the file name, and you can rename the file at any time. Excellent features have been provided for your convenience and comfort. You can make your notes colorful with elegant background colors and font options. Try it out in order to see how useful it can be.

Click here to download Flashnote.

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