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Eye Pro is a free software to get rest break reminders in order relieve eye strain while you are working on your computer. Especially to help you out with your eye problems like eye strains, stress, irritation, etc. This amazing software application shows alert messages when you are working for long hours on your system and also tells you to relax for a while. Tips provided by Eye Pro are also helpful in relieving eye strain. If you are in the middle of your work and suppose this software asks you to take a long break, you can simply hit Give me 2 minutes or No thanks button for avoiding the break or if you are ready then simply hit Yes! i’ am ready button.

Eye Pro is an effective freeware through which you can relax while working in office or at home. It will only take few seconds of your time which does not interrupt your work. Instructions like roll your eyes, move your eyes up and down, and so on can be seen on screen and can be followed easily.

Get rest break reminders

More Features Of Eye Pro to Get Rest Break Reminders:

  • User friendly interface, simple to use, and portable.
  • It provides wonderful tips which can be followed to relieve eye strain.
  • Bird image is displayed and it guides you to follow messages.
  • Time consumption is mentioned clearly for you to choose or ignore.
  • More details of yogic technique are provided as a link.
  • Clean and crisp messages are displayed on screen.

Long Break

  • Short breaks are usually of 10-12 seconds only.
  • You can adjust time duration for short breaks.
  • Eye catching windows are provided by Eye Pro.
  • Provides simple exercise to rewet your eyes.
  • You can click on ‘Yes! I’m ready’ to start your long break.
  • Short breaks and long breaks are provided at regular intervals as you work on system.
  • You can tell Eye Pro to wait for two minutes or can say ‘no thanks’ if you don’t wish to take a break.



Eye Pro is a user friendly software which regularly gives rest break reminders through which your eye problems can be reduced while using your computer at home or office. It provides short breaks and long breaks to relax your eyes and mind. Also, it provides certain tips to reduce your eye strain. If you spend most of your time on a computer and if you care for your eyes, then you should definitely this free software.

Click here to download Eye Pro.

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