Free Bedtime Reminder Software: Bedtime Help

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Bedtime Help is a free bed time reminder software which shows you reminders about your bed time on your computer.

It’s a simple software which you can use as an alarm to get reminders for your sleeping time.

Bedtime alarm


Why should I use Bedtime Help?

In today’s life we have so much of work pressure. Our work keeps us so much busy that sometimes we even forget that we have to sleep. By the time we finish our work, we realize that we’ve got too late to sleep. And ultimately, we don’t get sufficient time to sleep.

Bedtime Help reminds you about the time you have to go to bed. It works exactly like your alarm clock. You can set alarm for a particular time, and Bedtime Help will constantly alarm you to finish your work faster as your bedtime is reaching soon.

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How to use this Bed time reminder software:

Using Bedtime Help is very easy. Lets see how you can use this free bed time reminder software to alarm you for your sleeping time.

  • Set Schedule Time: You can schedule Bedtime Help to alarm for a particular time. For example, if I go to bed at 11’o clock, I can set the schedule time as: 11 PM.
  • Set Reminder time: You can set Bedtime reminder to remind you about your sleeping time in advance. Obviously, you can’t jump from the chair and go to bed as soon as the alarm rings. You need time to wind up everything before going to sleep. Setting reminder time helps you to finish your work faster and timely go to bed.
  • Set Reminder Snooze Time: You can set a particular time interval at which Bedtime Help will constantly remind you about your sleeping time. Like if I want my bedtime reminder to remind me in every 5 minutes, I can set a snooze time here.
  • Set Reminder Message: You can optionally set a custom reminder message, like “Go To Bed”, “Sleep Time!”, etc.
  • Set Automatic Suspend: You can also set Bedtime Help to automatically Hibernate, Shut down, or Log off  your system once the bedtime is reached or moments later.
  • Save Changes: Once all your setting is done, you can “Save Changes” to set alarm for your bedtime.

bedtime working

Features of Bedtime Help:

  • Easy to use bedtime reminder: Bedtime Help has a simple interface which makes it very easy to use.
  • Repeat reminders at constant interval: It shows constant reminders over a fixed period of time.
  • Display modes: You can view reminders either in full screen mode or in a separate window if you don’t want to get interrupted between your work.

Bedtime display

Final Verdict:

Bedtime Help is a nice software which you can use as an alarm to get constant reminders about your sleep time while working on your PC.

Download Bedtime Help free.

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