Personal Chat Bot Software for Windows: ANA

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ANA is a free personal chat bot software that can chat with you and give answers to your questions intelligently.

Chat bot is a simple automated software that simulates conversation with human. Remember Siri and Cortana? Same is the case with this.

This software does the same task and it can have text chat with you. It also converts its answers to speech automatically, with the help of a computer generated female voice.

Chatting with this software could be fun and it can engage you as well as entertain you. It can intelligently answer all the questions for which it is programmed. However, for some questions, answers could be ridiculous as well. Some answers could be funny as well. You can say anything and it will immediately give you answer (whatever it is).

However, do note that it cannot fetch information from internet; so it cannot provide you information like latest weather, news, etc.

ANA- personal chat bot software

In screenshot above, you can see that it will try to answer all the questions that you ask.

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How To Use This Free Personal Chat Bot Software?

If you want to download this chat bot software, you can use the link given at the end of this review. It is less than 2 MB in size. Installation steps are also very simple. Install it and open the interface.

After opening the interface, you can chat with a bot named ‘Ana’. No Internet connectivity is required to use it. Use the text box available at the bottom part and type the text. As soon as text is posted by you, it will reply immediately. Along with text reply, it will also speak the reply.

chat with Ana

You can text whatever you want and it will answer your query. It can answer simple and straight questions intelligently. As a simple example, you can ask about its name, and it will respond you. But if any complicated or technical question is asked by you, it will respond ridiculously.

What I really like in this chat bot is that it remembers the information that you provided in previous questions and uses that in its subsequent answers. For example, if you tell it that your name is Laxman and then later ask it what is your name, it will be able to retrieve that information from previous answer.

If you want to save chat as a plain text file, you can select the desired text and right-click on it. It will provide Save Text option and you will be able to save your chat to desired destination location.

save your chat


This personal chat bot software is very simple and limited in functionality. However, it is definitely fun. It is no match to advanced software like Siri and Cortana, but if you just need someone to chat with, Ana won’t disappint you.

Get this free chat bot software here.

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