How to Save Scroll Position on Webpages In Chrome?

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This article covers a simple trick to save scroll position on webpages in Chrome. Have you accidentally hit the refresh or home button while browsing your feeds or reading a long article and find yourself back at the top? Well, we all have been there. This is so annoying that lots of people are requesting such features from social media platforms.

Scroll In is a free Google Chrome extension that can remember scroll positions for you. This extension sits next to the address bar of your browser from where you can save scroll position on the current web page. And, when you revisit that page or accidentally lost the position, you can fetch it back by tapping the fetch position button the extension. This extension can save one scroll position per page and use color code to let you if there is a saved scroll position on a web page or not.

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Save Scroll Position on Webpages In Chrome

To save scroll position on webpages, install the Scroll In extension to your web browser. This extension is available in the Chrome Web Store and use can use with other Chromium-based web browsers which support Chrome extensions. Once installed, the extension is ready to use.

save scroll position on website

Whenever you have to save a scroll position, simply tap the extension from the menubar. This gives you a “Save” button to remember the scroll position. When you saved a position on the webpage, the extension icon turns Red from Grey. The Red-colored icon indicates that there is a saved scroll position on the webpage.

save scroll position on any web page

When you revisit a webpage with saved scroll position, you get three options in this extension. Those options are:

  • Fetch Scroll: Takes you to the saved scroll position.
  • Update: Updates the existing saved scroll position with the current position.
  • Delete: Permanently deletes the saved scroll position.

This extension uses Chrome’s local storage API and provides a sort of unlimited storage for saving scroll position. Currently, you can only see a saved scroll position when you visit that webpage, But in the future updates, you will be able to view all your saved scroll positions.

Get this extension from here.

Closing Word

Scroll In is a handy extension that can remember the exact scroll position on web pages. It lets you revisit the same scroll position any time so that you can continue where you left. And the upcoming feature to access all the saved scroll positions in one place would make it even better. Do give it a try and share your thoughts on this with us in the comments.

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