Free Chrome Extension To Get Analytics On Instagram Profiles

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Social media has become the best platform to promote products. It has many advantages over the traditional methods of marketing. First of all, it’s worldwide so, the audience base is way bigger here. Second, it’s way convenient to use as compared to any other medium of marketing. Different social media has different marketing practices.

Instagram is arguably one of the best social media platforms to promote a product. Not only it has multiple marketing practices which help you target a suitable audience but you can collaborate with popular Instagram users to promote your products. This opens a new way of marketing that can benefit small businesses as well. They can collaborate with the local Instagram influencers and promote their products without spending too much on advertisements. So, the only question remaining is how to find suitable Instagram influencer(s)?

In this article, I covered a free Google Chrome extension that can help you find suitable Instagram users for your product marketing. This extension gives you analytics on Instagram profiles. Based on those analytics stats, you can easily find the best Instagram influencers to go with.

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How To Get Analytics on Instagram Profiles?

Instagram Analytics by WeFind is a free extension for Google Chrome that shows analytics on Instagram profiles. This extension automatically calculates the engagement stats of an Instagram profile and saves you from the hurdle of manually calculating engagement by the influencer.

get analytics on Instagram profiles

This extension shows you the following stats of an Instagram profile:

  • Engagement rate by Instagram Profile
  • Engagement rate by Post
  • Average Likes
  • Average Comments
  • Post Frequency (per week)

To use this extension, open the Instagram profile page of the influencer who’s engagement stats you want to calculate. Once you are on the profile page, click this extension icon from the address bar. This opens an overlay on the right side of the screen where it shows the engagement stats. The overlay contains all the stats except post engagement rate which is shown on top of each post. The stats are based on the recent 12 posts by the profile.

The overlay also has a “Copy Data” button which copies the engagement stats of the current Instagram profile to the clipboard. With this button, you can easily copy-paste the engagement stats.

get average engagement stats of Instagram users

This extension adds a “Save” button next to the Instagram username. With that button, you can save the engagement stats of respective profile to a spreadsheet. You can access that spreadsheet by clicking the “View WeFind” button from the overlay. From there, you can share the spreadsheet with others via a shareable URL.

Grab this WeFind extension from Chrome Web Store here.

Closing Words:

Instagram Analytics by WeFind is a handy tool to get the engagement stats on Instagram profiles. Social media marketers can use this tool to find the engagement stats of Instagram users. This tool lets them easily create an Instagram analytics database and finds the suitable Instagram influencers to promote their products.

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