How to Extract All Links from a Webpage In Firefox

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This tutorial explains how to extract all links from a webpage in Firefox.

Link Gopher is a free Firefox add-on that helps to extract all links from a webpage. Apart from this, it also helps to apply filter to fetch only required web links from a website/webpage. The whole process to extract URLs from a website is very quick and automatic. Thus, it saves time as well as fulfills your requirement of extracting URLs very easily.

Manually it would take a lot of time to open/copy links with context menu, but this add-on gives a better opportunity of fetching all links or some required links from webpage.

List of all links is opened in a new tab. From that tab, you can search for needed URLs or can copy paste all URLs in Notepad.

extract all links from a webpage

In above screen recording, you can see all links extracted in new tab using this valuable Firefox add-on.

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How To Extract All Links from a Webpage In Firefox?

Use these steps to extract all links from a webpage in Firefox:

Step 1: Download this Firefox add-on using the link placed at the end of this tutorial and install it. You need to restart your Firefox browser after installing this add-on.

Step 2: Insert extension icon of this add-on to your Firefox browser toolbar. For this, you need to right-click on toolbar and click Customize option. After this, you will find Link Gopher icon which you need to drag n drop on toolbar.

add extension icon to toolbar

Step 3: After adding the add-on icon to toolbar, open any website, and tap on Link Gopher extension icon. It will explore options in front of you. Use ‘Extract All Links’ option. Immediately, it will extract all the URLs of that website and will show the list of those URLs in new tab.

fetch all links from a webpage

Extracted links are automatically arranged in alphabetical order.

Step 4: Using this step, you will be able to apply filter before extracting the URLs. All you need to do is click on its extension icon, like visible in screenshot below, and use Extract Links by Filter option. It will open a small window. In that window, enter the keyword, and press enter.

apply filter to extract links

After this, it will extract only those URLs for you which contains that particular keyword.


Link Gopher is a good add-on for Firefox as it can automatically fetch all or only needed URLs from a website/webpage.

Get Link Gopher free.

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