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Chime is a Chrome extension that will deliver combined notification about the activity of all the social networking sites likes Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and many more. It supports almost 11 social networking sites. This extension makes it easier to have a glance and to keep an eye on the activities of every website. It provides you recent updates of the websites with the help of desktop notifications and shows the notifications with well managed color coordination.

Chime is kind of notification extension that enables you to stay informed of your signed in social networking site updates. You don’t have to open the respective window of the social network site, as it provides you all in one notification extension. It provides you all the alerts about the updates, if somebody has tagged you in a picture, any friend requests or if you have received any message. It gathers all the notification at a single window and enables you to access them accordingly.

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Lets Install Chime:

To access Chime, you need to install it and for that either go to Google Chrome or you can also visit Chrome web store to grab this all in one social network notification extension. When you are ready to download, just hit “Add To Chrome”. As soon as you hit that, it begins to install and when completed the Chime icon will appear to you located to the extreme right corner of your browser. You are now all set to aggregate your notifications from across the websites.

How To Use Chime As Social Network Notification Extension?

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Chime when installed, lets you view the setup page where you can find the social networks. It automatically detects those sites that you have signed in and also allows you to sign in to any site just by hitting the respective icon of the website on the Chime setup window and you are done.

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When Chime icon turns red, it notifies you with all the recent updates of the website and enables you to view all the pending notifications. Not only that it also provides you desktop notification popup whenever any new updates takes place. As you get any new notification, simply click on that and you will be directed towards that particular social website and respond to that accordingly, if you desire. You can also enable the do not disturb button so that Chime does not interrupt you. It shows the notifications with well managed color coordination, so that it attracts users attention, not only that it enables you to view all the notifications on a single window.

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Chime allows you to enable only the logged in websites by managing the settings of this notification extension. It is simple and user-friendly as this version provides you all the alerts related to your logged in websites under a single window.

Key Features of Chime:

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Aggregates all sorts of notifications of social websites
  • Enables you to view all update notifications in a single window
  • Shows desktop notification pop-up whenever any new updates happen
  • It supports almost 11 social networking sites; Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Gmail, Reddit, and many more
  • Shows the notifications with well managed color coordination

My Verdict for Chime:

I found Chime as a great tool, as it notifies me about all the social networking sites in a single window. I liked the color coordination and the pop-up alert features of this notification extension. Having Chime on my browser is a treat to me, as it enables me to keep an eye on new updates that are happening on the websites. I would suggest you to use this ultimate all in one notification extension in your browser, you can quickly grab this from here.

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Works With: Google Chrome
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