Chrome Extension To Remove Images from Web Pages: Decreased Productivity

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Decreased Productivity is a free extension for Google Chrome to remove images from webpages. Apart from images, you can control various elements on web page, like, you can control fonts and styles.

With this free Google Chrome Extension, you can impose restrictions to images that usually load when you Login to a website including cloaked images. You can also define web page by changing the default font, changing background & text color, hiding page favicons. Opacity level can be adjusted and set for images. You can choose whatever style you like such as blue text on a orange background. Remove the elements such as animations, images and other multimedia content from being seen.

This Chrome extension takes your browsing experience to the next level by providing controls over several elements on a web page.  The user-friendly controls enable you to define or make changes to the webpage.

This Chrome extension includes 4 modes, which you can use for enhancing your browsing experience. These modes are:

  • Paranoid Mode where you can remove photos and media.
  • SFW1 mode where you can Cloak photos and delete multimedia.
  • Cloak only images with SFW2 mode.
  • Show all elements with NSFW mode to.
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This Chrome Extension is of great utility for people easily distracted by photos, animations, sidebar, etc.

Decreased Productivity003

In this screen shot I used Paranoid mode to remove images and multimedia elements.

Some Key Features of Decreased Productivity:

  • Change the Default font for cloaked pages.
  • Supports languages like Arabic, German, English (British), Spanish, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean, etc.
  • Allows to set the colors for Text,background, link and table borders.
  • Prevent domains from cloaking and allow domains that will be always cloaked by defining blacklist and whitelist.
  • Hide page icons and replace page titles.
  • Allows you to make changes to the web element or remove them from the cloaked web page.
  • Adjustable image opacity.

How To Install Decreased Productivity:

  • Go on to homepage of this Chrome extension and Click on “Add to Chrome”.

Decreased Productivity001

  • Confirm installation window pop ups in which you need to click on “Install”.

Decreased Productivity002

  • Once installed, you will find a cup like icon in address bar.

How To Use Chrome Extension: Decreased Productivity

  1. Once installed, click on “Settings icon” given address bar of  the chrome webpage.
  2. Click on “Tools”
  3. Click on “Extensions”
  4. This will open up all the Chrome Extensions you have installed in your Chrome Browser.
  5. Look for Decreased Productivity extension, click on “Options”
  6. This will quickly display a compete settings including different styles that you can give to your webpage.

Decreased Productivity is a Chrome extension that helps to control play around with web-pages. Go ahead, Install Decreased Productivity Free.!!

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