How to Enable Video Comments for PDFs in Microsoft Edge

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In this post, I will show how to enable video comments for PDFs in Microsoft Edge. After enabling video comments, you will be able to attach online videos as notes to any PDF and save the changes. You add video comments to PDFs in the same way you add text comments but in case of video comments, a popup is created that will play the linked video. However, video added as comment will play in Edge only. If you open the video commented PDF in other PDF viewer or Chrome, all you will see a video link attached as a note.

Microsoft is regularly updating the PDF reader of Edge to make it intuitive day by day. They already added many features to it recently and now there is one more in the list, that is video comments. This is a controlled rolled out feature available in Edge Canary only for now. Not all the insider users will get it immediately and if you are new to insider builds then you will have to wait a little bit more to get it. However, for now the video comments feature is broken and it is not playing videos that ypu add as comment.

How to Enable Video Comments for PDFs in Microsoft Edge

How to Enable Video Comments for PDFs in Microsoft Edge?

Video comments for PDF is available in Edge Canary build 90.0.817.0. If you are running an older version of Edge then you just update it to the latest version to get it. This option is not enabled there by default and you will have to manually enable it first in order to use it.

Go to Edge flags by typing “edge://flags” and then search for “video comments” and enable it. Alternatively, you can just paste the following URL and then enable it in a click.


Edge video comment flag

After the video comments are enabled, you will see a new option in the PDF mini context menu. Just select some text where you want to add  comment and you will see an option there for video comments.

Add video comment microsoft edge right click option

Next, you just enter the video URL and then click “tick” icon. The video comment is now added and you can see this by clicking on it after saving the changes. The video that you have added as comment will play in the mini popup. However, for now this seems to be broken but it will be fixed in the later updates.

Video Comments in PDFs in Microsoft Edge in action

In this way, you can now add video comments in Microsoft Edge with ease. All you have to do is just enable a simple flag and then annotate PDFs with ease. You can save the changes after add as many video comments and open them later. But do remember that video will not play in other PDF readers or browsers except Edge. In other PDF readers, it will only show you link of the video that you added.

Wrap up…

I got really excited after seeing that I have video comments options in my Canary build, but that excitment faded shortly after knowing that it is broken. But I am hoping that Edge developer will fix it soon. I can’t wait for this feature to arrive in the stable Edge release as it is very useful.

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