Free Lightweight LAN Chat Application: Mossawir Lan Messenger

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Mossawir Lan Messenger is a free LAN chat application that lets you send and receive messages over local network. You can send and receive files, messages, and send smileys with this LAN chat application. Mossawir Lan Messenger automatically detects users in the network. You don’t require an internet connection to use this application.

This LAN chat application has a simple and good interface. It can be minimized to the system tray when not in use and shows you notifications when someone sends you a message.

Free LAN Chat application for Windows - Mossawir Lan Messenger

How about a local network chat application that lets you talk to your buddies or co-workers without the need of an internet connection? We’re all aware of other chat software like Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, or even Facebook. I was actually looking for something simple without the need of signing in with my username and without accessing the internet.

Mossawir Lan Messenger is a lightweight LAN chat application that I came across while searching on Google. I used it with Windows 7 and I liked it because of its simplicity. Though I thought how would I search for other guys on my network, I could soon figure out that I just have to get them install this chat application on their computers, and it will find all of them itself.

Send/Receive files

Free LAN Chat application for Windows - Mossawir Lan Messenger - Sending a fileSending files with this LAN chat application is simple as clicking on the Send File button and choosing the file you want to send. If someone wants to send you something over the network, you will be notified and can choose whether to accept it or say no to the transfer. This way of sending files to other people on the network lets me use this LAN chat application as a simple file transfer utility too. I don’t prefer to use it for transferring huge files; I prefer a file copy utility for that purpose.

Save your conversation

Free LAN Chat application for Windows - Mossawir Lan Messenger - Saving the conversation

You can save your conversation in the chat window. You can simple click on the Save As button to dump it into a file. Though I might not use it but it could be a useful to you when you want to maintain a history of your conversation.

Free LAN Chat application for Windows - Mossawir Lan Messenger - Configuration

I noticed that Mossawir Lan Messenger allows you to configure it further. You would have to right-click on the icon in the system tray to access those Options. I don’t want to mess up with those settings in there because it looks good to me. If you want to change the ports at which it works, change the location where it saves the received files and other options, you now know where to find it.

I can change my status to busy if I don’t want to be bothered. This is something useful; you might not always be in a talking mood.


I found this LAN chat application, very simple to setup and use. You can tell the other users in the network to download and install the application and this chat application will automatically discover the users in the network. You don’t need a username, nor an internet connection to work with Mossawir Lan Messenger.

Use this LAN Chat application and express more.

Get Mossawir Lan Messenger – Free LAN Chat application

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