Windows 10 Movie Quiz App to Guess Movie Names Through Images

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Guess the movie quiz is a free Windows 10 movie quiz app which lets you guess movie names using images. The movie quiz is easy and you will have a lot of fun playing if you are a movie buff. The quiz app shows you an image related to the movie and some jumbled up letters below the movie. From the image you have to guess the movie name and form the movie name using the jumbled letters given below.

The app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you launch the app for the first time you will see a screen as shown in the below screenshot.

guess the movie home

The home page will give you the following options:

  • Play Button: to start playing the game by selecting a level.
  • Get Hints Button: this is helpful when you are stuck and can’t guess a movie name. Use the free hints that have been given to you, once you run out of the free ones, then you can always buy more using this button on the home page.
  • Statistics: The icon with a bar graph on it will let you check your game statistics so far. It will tell you how many movies you have guessed, how many hints you have used, etc.
  • Settings: the second icon is for tweaking a few settings like turning the sound on or off, changing your preferred language, like on Facebook, etc. This can be seen in the screenshot given below.guess the movie settings
  • Leaderboard: to see your ranking on the leader you can use this third icon with a trophy symbol on it. For this option to work you are required to sign in and create a account with the app.

Once you click the play button, you will be taken to the level selection screen, as shown in the below screenshot.

guess the movie levels

For starters you have three unlocked levels. More levels will be unlocked as you go forward in the game. After level selection you can start playing the game. You are shown all the images for 14 movies in level one together. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

guess the movie all the movies

You can start with the first one and keep on going forward or you can select any random image to guess the movie name. Below screenshot shows a movie image and the name of the movie has to be guessed.

guess the movie guess the name

There are various hint options on either side of the movie image which you can use if you are stuck. The one with the Facebook icon on the top left side lets you ask the movie name from your Facebook, Twitter friends for free. All other options use hints to help you reach the correct answer. You can choose to see a sentence about the movie, reveal a letter, delete letters which are not related to the movie, etc. All these options use up hints you have in your account.


This movie quiz is a absolute delight to play. It challenges the movie fan in you to guess the movie name without the help of a hint. But it is quite addictive when you start playing. Give it a try.

Check out Guess the movie quiz for Windows 10 here.

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