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We can all agree to the fact that, we would all love to have healthier daily routines if it was possible. But with our hectic job schedules, its often difficult to accommodate anything else. Our jobs require us to sit in front of the computer the whole day with hardly one or two breaks. Sitting the whole day in your chair can also lead to many health related issues like obesity, back ache, etc. But did you know that even getting up from your chair at regular intervals can help you keep your body in check. Of course taking regular breaks will refresh you also making you more productive. This is where we introduce Better Posture, which is a website which will remind you to get up from your chair and take a break after every 20 minutes.

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As soon as you land on the website it will start a countdown timer of 20 minutes. The timer will instruct you to take a break after 20 minutes, even if it is for a minute. During you break time you should get up from your chair and move around a bit. This will help your body relax and refresh you as well.

You will also see some suggestions on the right hand side of the screen to attain a better posture. A good posture helps keep your body pain free and keeps stress away.

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There is no doubt about the fact that sitting all day long is bad for your body. If you can not include exercising regularly in your schedule because of your work than this is definitely a very good idea. Some form of exercise is required to relax the body and what better than taking a small break every 20 minutes. Nothing much to do, just stand up from your chair and maybe walk about a bit or do some stretching around for a minute or two. Then you can go back to working, but don’t forget to restart the timer so you can remember to take a break again after 20 minutes.

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Once you start the timer, you can go back to working on any tab, the timer will run in the background. You will also be able to see the countdown timer in the favicon area of the tab. Once your timer runs out, you will see the timer in the favicon area change into a command asking you to stand up. You can then get off the chair, walk about for a minute and resume work after that. Just don’t forget to restart the timer again.

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You can also check out some break reminder software for windows reviewed by us.

With the timer being visible from any window you are working in, makes it easier for you to remember to take breaks. Taking regular breaks will keep you fresh and away from stress. Keeping a good posture will also help keep any aches at bay. So if your job requires you to sit in a chair and work all day long, then I would suggest you go through this website. It will suggest you how to maintain a good posture and will also remind you to take regular breaks.

Check out Better Posture here.

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